How to Contact Taobao Customer Service

taobao customer serviceIf you encounter any problem when using Taobao, how would you contact the customer service? Well let me show you how:

1.Taobao’s English telephone support

If you can’t log in your taobao account or you want to use their phone support,here is their phone can select English service when the phone get through.Press 1 For Payment and Alipay questions.

Country Phone
Singapore 8001886018
Malaysia (0060)1800807178
HongKong (852)30183610 or (852)22155300
Taiwan 02-7706-3088
Others (852)30183610 or (852)22155300

2.Taobao’s English live chat and Email support

Link Services Available
Live chat click here enquiries on Taobao transactional matters,Taobao products and activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Email Purchase inquire Form For enquiries on ordering/refund policy/
foreign sellers.
Replies within 48 hours
For Seller Form
After-sales Form
Forwarding service Form


3. Contact

Hotline Services Available
Phone For members from outside of China, please call +86-0571-4008608608 For enquiries on transactional matters, Tmall products and activities. Monday – Sunday, 9:00-24:00


4.Contact Taobao Forwarder

Most Live agents will be available at Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m(Beijing Time). and Some of them will also be available on Saturday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m(Beijing Time).

If they are not available,try to download aliwangwang and talk with them on aliwangwang or leave a message on aliwangwang,they will 100% see your message and give you a reply.

Forwarder Online Chat Aliwangwang Telephone
4px 12.JPG blob.png 0755-23238333
PRouter 12.JPG blob.png 0755-27564249
ZTO中通DPEX 12.JPG blob.png 00852-55110053
Zhongshan courier 12.JPG blob.png 86+0760+88610061
递壹时DEX 12.JPG blob.png None
JCEX Jiacheng International 12.JPG blob.png None
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  • Eminence

    My account was frozen for no reason.

  • James Chew

    I had ordered 3 merchandize items from Taobao around 13/7/17. Their tracking list shown the goods reached Lazada warehouse on 27/7/17 & 20/7/17. However, to date, 1 of the item suddenly shown good already received. In actual fact, the goods never reached me. I try contact Lazada, but was asked to refer to Taobao directly. But I have no contact to reach the seller. Pls advice.

  • Sho

    Hello, I’m trying to get my product on the site, since there is no way for me to view it in english, I’d like to get an email of a buyer who can help me out. Thank you!

  • John

    hi eric, i have placed my taobao order about a month ago directly from taobao direct and the item has not arrived. I have been recieveing calls from china but everytime they call, i was not able to answer. Is there any way i can contact them and if i manage to answer the call, can i communicate in english?

    • Eric

      chat with them via livechat.I don’t know,most of their customer services do not speak English.

  • Soy Fonging

    Dear Eric!

    How can I ship them to Cambodia?

    • Eric

      use a taobao agent.

      • Rebel Ng

        May I ask how do I edit payment mode in Tao bao… As I can’t find any way to edit to another payment mode.

  • charlie

    Hi Eric,

    FIrst issues, I having problem on getting my items and Lazada shipment service face lot of problem. i have paid overall 70.78yuan for 6 item on lazada haiyun service. but 3 items not at they warehouse and the information on taobao shipment suddenly change from item at Lazada haiyun shipment warehouse to unknown…? and require more payment for the item that i already paid for it to be ship. only lazada transportation is worse.

    Second issues, i have wrongly press the item haven’t receive to to received? can i undo it and will it caused me trouble where my item still unknown at where… the lazada warehouse can’t detect my item although my item stated at they site. Any solution to this. I not pro in chinese read/write so i messed up. Really appreciate a help.

    Thank you.

  • Seghi

    Thanks a lot Eric…
    Your post help me a lot…

  • Paul

    It seems the live chat is not available in english anymore. If you write an email you just don’t get an answer at all, and both numbers listed as “others” ((852)30183610 or (852)22155300) are not connected with an account anymore.
    So actually there is NO custermer service for people who can’t speak fluent chinese on taobao.

    Good that I had a chinese person to help me, but it didn’t matter because also the chinese customer support seems powerless. They asked the seller to send me the product, he refused and that is it.

    I bought a product on taobao, payed twice, got two times the wrong product and now the seller refuses to send me what I payed for.

    Until now I just had positiv experiences with taobao but it seems if someone really wants to cheat you there is absolutely nothing the support can do.

  • Fayaz

    hey, i ordered a pair of shoes but it says that it contraband and that my package can not be properly stored and to contact Zhongshan courier

  • smitha sm

    Hello, I am not able to login to my Taobao account. I am getting an error message 很抱歉,您查看的页面找不到了!


    天猫首页| 天猫超市| 天猫国际

    Please help me

  • Chris

    Hi, I ordered a few items in a single order. However, one of the item didn’t reach me. Then I noticed that the recover stopped at the warehouse and didn’t send to Singapore. Seller said address given to her is such. How can a single order with different mailing address?

  • Chan

    Hi Eric,
    I am unable to log in to my taobao account. This is the error message. 该账户已被冻结,暂时无法登录. I think my account has been frozen. I really need to log in to my account to get the way bill numbers for about 10 orders I made last week. I need to give those way bill numbers to the oversea shipping company. Could you let me know how to solve this problem? thank you

  • Dimitar


    can you please put on the list Macedonia +389, I like to register and make purchase.

    BR, Dimitar


    I can not fine my account and password, can not even re-register under the same email address, please help. Thank You.

  • Topher

    For the English Live Chat Support

    Which one do I choose?




  • A.Haziq

    Hi eric. Ive ordered 4 items. On the tracking system stated that all the items had “sent off”. But the tracking system does not been updated for 4 days. The question is, who that I can contact to get rhe latest activities for my shipment?

  • austin soon

    My refunded money did not go through plus the contact number did not work dor taobao anymore

  • Jess

    Hello Eric,

    My parcel has not arrived yet (10 days late), I’m unable to track in Skynet, seller asked me to contact China warehouse but didn’t further elaborate to help. However as stated on the delivery info, Zhongtong is the warehouse, Kuadi is the logistic company. So, 2 questions:

    1. Is Zhongtong is the same as Zhongshan(stated above in your blog)?
    2. If they are the same, should I reach out to Zhongsan or Kuadi to sort this out?

    I do not read Chinese so everything is a bit messed up.

    Thank you!

    • Eric

      ZTO is zhongtong,not zhongshan,you need to contact ZTO through livechat.

    • Wendy

      Serve you right that you do not read Chinese. Go buy from “English” sites lor. LOL. I look down on people like you.

  • Gillian soon

    Hi Eric , I wish to know the thing I order form taobao, why the flight delay for many days ?? They come out form the details is 21/03/17 will be landed , but today it’s already 27/03/17. Is it any wrong with it ??

    • Eric

      HI,I don’t know,you can contact your forwarder to ask him this question.

  • Jacqueline

    I have order 6 item in taobao but I just receive 5 item.. My last item no send out n still pending to delivered.. And say I did not do payment international shipping on it.i wanted to pay the international shipping but cant. I ask for seller refund and they reject it.. How can I get my good or refund??already contact seller n aliwangwang too..

    • Eric

      HI,if the seller send all 6 items to the warehouse,then you should contact your forwarder warehouse to resolve this issue.

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