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How to Contact Taobao Customer Service

taobao customer serviceIf you encounter any problem when using Taobao, how would you contact the customer service? Well let me show you how:

1.Taobao’s English telephone support

If you can’t log in your taobao account or you want to use their phone support,here is their phone number.you can select English service when the phone get through.Press 1 For Payment and Alipay questions.

Country Phone
Singapore 8001886018
Malaysia 1800807178
HongKong (852)30183610
Taiwan 02-7706-3088
Others (852)30183610

2.Taobao’s English live chat and Email support

Link Services Available
Live chat click here enquiries on Taobao transactional matters,Taobao products and activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Email Purchase inquire Form For enquiries on ordering/refund policy/
foreign sellers.
Replies within 48 hours
For Seller Form
After-sales Form
Forwarding service Form


3. Contact Tmall.com

Hotline Services Available
Phone For members from outside of China, please call +86-0571-4008608608 For enquiries on transactional matters, Tmall products and activities. Monday – Sunday, 9:00-24:00


4.Contact Taobao Forwarder

Most Live agents will be available at Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m(Beijing Time). and Some of them will also be available on Saturday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m(Beijing Time).

If they are not available,try to download aliwangwang and talk with them on aliwangwang or leave a message on aliwangwang,they will 100% see your message and give you a reply.

Forwarder Online Chat Aliwangwang Telephone
4px 12.JPG blob.png 0755-23238333
PRouter 12.JPG blob.png 0755-27564249
ZTO中通DPEX 12.JPG blob.png 00852-55110053
Zhongshan courier 12.JPG blob.png 86+0760+88610061
递壹时DEX 12.JPG blob.png None
JCEX Jiacheng International 12.JPG blob.png None

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Hi Eric,

I ordered shoes from Taobao, but forgot to add shipping costs to Europe. Now the sender wrote me a message to increase the transport costs. How can I add the transport costs? Already paid for the shoes.



My supplier sent my order to wrong address? What i do? Since I already ask for refunds. but the supplier refused. Please help me.


Hi recently I ordered a dress from Dao Bao china through my friend’s account. The dress has a hole on the shoulder part and I asked for shorter sleeves and they gave me Long sleeves. Very disappointed, will never buy anymore, I might as well buy from my own country! And plus the shipment etc, it’s not worth it! I take it as an experience and will never buy anything from the website ever again especially from Dao Bao!


I want to buy the item in taobao?? But dont know how they work?


I had ask for taobao direct , but one of the item been cancel & seller already refund. but the rest of the item still at warehouse & no shipment out. Who do I contact or any email to ask them?


I’ve been trying to verify alipay. and it keeps coming up with information wanting my bank account card, i don’t have a chinese bank card and it won’t accept my united states debit card. I need to verify the alipay account to be able to get a refund back. please please help me!


Will u recommend EZbuy? How do u rate it? Thanks!!><


How to buy larger item in taboos?


You can buy Aliwangwang english version on ebay.com: search “Aliwangwang Taobao messenger english version”.


Hi Eric, I am having a problem and can’t figure out how to get it resolved. I ordered two items from a seller and he shipped them separately. The first one made it to the Jiacheng USPS warehouse just fine and is being forwarded to me now. The second one gave me this error message after it was signed for at the warehouse: “很抱歉,您的包裹因拆单发货原因无法正常入库,请速与佳成集货商联系”. How on earth do I contact these people, I just want my package. I seem to just end up in robot help chats that do nothing useful.

Angelyn Chan

Hi Eric, I bought an item with defects that I can’t live with. The item is 5.27kg and it’s already here with me. It was sent by ZTO using Taobao Global Direct. I’m requesting with seller for an exchange now on aliwangwang and have not clicked on anything on my taobao. My problem is how do I return to seller now, in the most economic way. I still have 18 days on my counter. Thanks in advance!!

Kelsey K.

Hi Eric,

I’ve been searching you blog but most of the refund request are usually made with the seller. However, I have received a package that is supposed to be sent to another person and i think she has mine, because the shipping label is written under my name but i found a shipping form inside that said the goods belong to someone else. So this is probably the forwarding courier mistake, not the seller. Who should i contact in this case?

Thanks in advance!!!

Sam Kim

Hi Eric,

Can you amend your above guide by explaining: “How to file a Claim on Taobao”? Is it the same as “Asking for Refund”? You mentioned in several articles that buyers can discuss return and refund with sellers. Is it usually done within a Claim Process, or informally? For example, on Ebay and AliExpress, when a buyer contacts a seller after the item is paid, many “contact reasons” would result in automatic opening a Case with portal. If the seller does not reply or resolve the issue, the buyer can escalate this Case to a Claim within the deadlines. Does Taobao use the same system, or seller-to-buyer communication is purely informal, voluntary, and not restricted by deadlines?

Linh Nguyen

Hi Eric,

I’m in the US and I made a purchase from Taobao, but didn’t get an order confirmation in any shape or form. I registered through my mobile number but, I can’t login to my account because they do not have any record of it. The only record I have is being charged on my card for the purchase. Is there any way you can help me track my purchase?


Hi Eric, I’ve problem with my Taobao account. 6 day my account was blocked to access because of security issues. That was my fault, opened the account synchronize (using laptop and PC at the same time). The problem is my parcel already in 4px warehouse. So, how to unblocked my account from this issues, because I need to pay my parcel asap. Please help me. Tq Eric.


Hi i can’ t make a registration in taobao. Always the servers are busy. Please help me to
make a registration. Thank you


Hello mr Eric, recently I had made payment on taobao and due to seller can’t shipping to oversea, both parties decided to make refund. The taobao statement said the refund was made however it’s been a week and my account still never received the fund…. Please help and thank you


Hi Eric, i placed an order for a jacket on Taobao since the 10th of this month, but its stuck on this message “2016-09-13 13:23:52广东省中山市黄圃公司 已签收 签收人:邮件收发章” and its been on this since then what do i do?


I have made an order from taobao and payment thru alipay.
The problem now is my order are not reflected in the order list. Only a few item is reflected.

The bank have charge the amount already.

kindly advice


Hi Eric, please I am a foreigner living in China. I created an alipay account and taobao but I cannot buy things on taobao. I get a notice whenever making a purchase that my account is under single protection and to try later. The message was in Chinese and I translated with baidu translate. I am unable to contact taobao by the above options. Please assist me. You can message me by [email protected] please help me