Comment on How to Contact Taobao Customer Service by Paul.

It seems the live chat is not available in english anymore. If you write an email you just don’t get an answer at all, and both numbers listed as “others” ((852)30183610 or (852)22155300) are not connected with an account anymore.
So actually there is NO custermer service for people who can’t speak fluent chinese on taobao.

Good that I had a chinese person to help me, but it didn’t matter because also the chinese customer support seems powerless. They asked the seller to send me the product, he refused and that is it.

I bought a product on taobao, payed twice, got two times the wrong product and now the seller refuses to send me what I payed for.

Until now I just had positiv experiences with taobao but it seems if someone really wants to cheat you there is absolutely nothing the support can do.

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