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Hi there, the things here is that they have ALREADY received …

Comment on Top 5 Best Taobao Agent of 2021 (with Pros and Cons) by Hannah.

Hi there,
the things here is that they have ALREADY received all of your items. This means that from now it is NOT depend on the agent to decide whether they can refund you or not. They have to contact the sellers from Taobao that they bought items from for you, and ask the sellers if they are happy to accept the refund/ returns. And the sellers have the rights to say no for that.
Another thing is that, buying items from Taobao is very cheap, but you always have to expect that the international shipping fee will be almost the same or even more than the total cost that you paid for the items. and THIS IS VERY NORMAL.
You should contact their customer service and ask them if they can contact the sellers to ask for the refunds. But don’t expect that 100% you can get refunds back as some sellers won’t accept refunds.

hope that helps

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