I’ve been using Lolitawardrobe.com for agent services to northern Europe. …

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I’ve been using Lolitawardrobe.com for agent services to northern Europe. It’s not a general taobao agent but rather an international re-seller specialising in the reputable end of the Lolita fashion market. What they don’t officially tell you on their site is that they do provide Agent services, you just have to e-mail them. They recommend you stick to clothing and fashion items since that’s where their expertise lies, and don’t send any QPs unless you ask, but are very good at giving size guidance as well as tell you if a shop you’re eyeing seems reputable or not. I haven’t calculated the exact percentages but their fees seem to end up mid-range. They consolidate orders at no extra charge and specialise in those pesky pre-orders that are so common in the clothing shops on taobao. Customer service is by e-mail or Facebook chat and unless they have to check something with a taobao seller that takes a while to respond, it’s always been really quick. I’ve been using them for the last four years and have had no issues yet.

I’m here reading this however, because I’ve been eyeing some flower pots on Taobao and that’s so far outside their range of expertise that I don’t want to bother them with it ^^’

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