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Hi Eric, Thanks a lot for your guide. I have …

Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide 2021 by Samantha.

Hi Eric,

Thanks a lot for your guide. I have a question that when i surfed the Taobao (app) using my Chinese bfriend’s account, i saw some of the sellers do provide international shipping (they all particularly said “ship to Canada when you make a purchase from ¥85”), but when i tried to process to check out to see how much they charge for the int. shipping fee, i couldnt see any fee except for the total money shown in CAD instead of YUAN (even though after i added my foreign address). Then it popped up to the payment options (still didnt show any shipping fee) and I didnt dare to put in the payment yet because i wasnt sure if they charge me anything too extra. Thats why now i’m wondering if those sellers send the products to the warehouse or will they ship them directly to our address in Canada.
Hope you can give me some thoughts about this situation, and i also wish there would be a post/topic in the future about those sellers with directly international shipping.


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