Eric, What a phenomenal Blog !! I stumbled across your blog …

Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide by Steven.

What a phenomenal Blog !!
I stumbled across your blog while searching 1688,com – thanks Google, I am blown away !
I was spending alot of time on Taobao about 6 years ago and it was hard work !
Google translate was invaluable and a seller on Aliexpress also gave me some help at crucial times. There were some small help articles scattered around, but they were nothing like this, your English skills and attention to detail make this both comprehensive, easy to understand and a brilliant refresher for me ( learning a few things as well).
I hope you are getting something for this Blog, as I am reading, memories of hours of frustration and confusion are coming back, I wish you had been doing this blog back then !
I am now starting to try and get all my accounts active again, QQ,com, Taobao, Alipay and Aliwang without a smartphone for account verification using the QR-Code and lost usernames or passwords, I haven’t got very far as yet, it sounds like you know, I am pushing some very unpleasant stuff up a hill…..
Thank you so much, I would say this is the Definitive Guide to Taobao !

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