Hi! The courier never delivered the parcel and it was …

Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao by Lei.

Hi! The courier never delivered the parcel and it was returned to the seller immediately even before it reached the destination (which can be clearly seen within my Taobao order’s tracking info). Now, I have filed a refund only request and selected the reason to be “courier never delivered” which is I believe is the best reason that perfectly summarizes my refund request reason. The seller reached out to me however saying that I should change the reason to “I don’t want it anymore” but I think that’s not the exact reason because I actually want it to be delivered but it was the courier’s fault. If the seller rejects the refund request, is there a way for a Taobao agent to intervene? Or do I really need to talk it out with the seller and resubmit? I mean, because the proof is very clear that it was the courier’s fault and ig I follow the seller, it will seem like it’s my fault for changing my mind. Because I don’t want to select the wrong reasons that it might affect my records on Taobao.

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Comment on Taobao International Shipping: Everything You Need To Know

Hi! I have recently paid for the consolidated shipping fee of all the orders that have already arrived in Taobao’s warehouse, now what? I don’t see anything showing that these orders have been been grouped and that shipping has been paid for it. Wjere can I check for details of that specific consolidation? Like, the tracking number and such.

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