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Hi Eric, I bought a few items from taobao and …

Comment on How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller? by Nic.

Hi Eric, I bought a few items from taobao and I found out after that the shipping fee was way too much and wanted to do a refund and it has reached the warehouse. However when I was filling up the form, they requested for 快递单号 which I have no idea where to get from. In the end i copy and paste the 快递单号 from the seller and now my refund request have been rejected. ‘填的快递单号是小店发出的单号,一直未 收到买家退货的衣服,无法处理退款’ Do you know where I can get the tracking number from to return my items back to the seller from the warehouse? Thanks!

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