Hi! It’s my first time buying from Taobao and I’m …

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Hi! It’s my first time buying from Taobao and I’m currently waiting to make a second payment, however one of my items seems to have already left the warehouse before I could merge it with my 2 other items (which I am waiting for to reach the warehouse). So I was wondering how I pay for the item that has already shipped? There’s no consolidate button anymore (its sitting under the “logistics order” tab rather than the “pending assembly” tab.) Do I need to click confirm receipt instead? I hope this makes sense!

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Hello, I have finished paying for all my orders and I’m now just waiting for them to arrive. I got an sms within the app saying the name I put is incorrect and can’t be sent (rough translation). I was wondering what this means and how it might affect my order? Thank you for all that you do with this blog it is so helpful! Here is the original message.

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