Thank you, Eric. That’s exactly what I did. I also …

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Thank you, Eric. That’s exactly what I did. I also tried again, the seller was very nice, though the other wasn’t helpful, but I do understand. I still had an issue. I’m going to try again soon, after re-reading your information, your site is VERY helpful.

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I placed my order from 2 different shops, still waiting and then I discovered I had messages, which I didn’t see until today, it doesn’t appear the site shows you have messages. One states the money I paid was for domestic shipping, interesting when you consider they know it’s shipping to the U.S. Perhaps the site isn’t all that user friendly, or I made a mistake, which I hope can be rectified.

The other merchant advised me : “You left a foreign address, you need to take a picture of the warehouse address on Taobao before delivery.” What does that mean? The seller hasn’t responded yet.
They asked if I want simple packaging, which I assume is much like AliExpress. A very easy site to use and buy from.
Still waiting on a response from both merchants, it’s morning there.Are these common issues? I’m close to canceling both orders.

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Thank you, Eric. I did that, I’m surprised the other card didn’t go through, no huge balance, both are MasterCard’s, though my middle initial might have been the issue? Who knows, but I did get the order placed. Thank again for your assistance via this site, it’s invaluable.

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Hi Eric,

I did try to buy something on Taobao, everything went well until I made my payment, my credit card refused to pay, I received a text, I responded it was me, all was well, I was advised to try again. Second time, same thing. Why would this happen? Now I’m concerned about trying again, perhaps the merchant won’t sell to me? Doubtful, but just a thought.

Comment on How to Use Taobao Agent to Order From Taobao [Newbies Guide]

Hi there, unless I missed something, are there agents who simply purchase for you and have it sent without the headache of holding in a warehouse, etc?

Also, signing up for the page annoys me, only due to wanting my cell number, I don’t want it sold to 3rd parties, is that an issue when signing up?

I appreciate the tips you’ve shared and started following your FB page, here’s to easier shopping at Taobao.

Thank you!

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