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I just stumbled across your page. It is very helpful, …

Comment on Top 5 Best Taobao Agent of 2021 (with Pros and Cons) by Melanie.

I just stumbled across your page. It is very helpful, but a bit overwhelming since I am new to taobao.
I am from Europe and trying to decide on my first proxy, I have experience with using proxys in general though (Japanese ones to order from yahoo.jp)
It seem you are very educated in this matter, can you maybe recommend me proxys for Europe?
Someone recommended me spreenow, but the 10% fee seems a lot.
Also I wonder, is the fee always per item or order? If I order products from the same seller or even the same product in different colors I will always have the whole fee? (I mean for those proxys that have a fixed minimum fee, like for example 6cny+ 5%fee. If I buy shoes in 3 colors from the same seller-> will that be 1x 6cny +5% on everything, or 3x 6cny +5%? )

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