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Hi Eric!. Thank you very much for the article, it is …

Comment on Top 5 Best Taobao Agent of 2021 (with Pros and Cons) by Franz.

Hi Eric!.
Thank you very much for the article, it is very helpful, I have a question, I work with yoybuy, but I have a problem, which I do not know if it is the case with the other agents. At the time of payment of the shipping cost, they indicate a shipping cost, after canceling that amount passes 1 day to 2, and they send an email saying that I must pay another amount for the shipment for “weight” reasons. In the end the shipping cost is 700 dollars and not the amount that according to the calculator is 400 dollars (obviously taking into account the volumetric weight of the package). I would like to know if the same thing happens with the agents that you mention in your publication. Thank you.

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