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For the last 2 days when I click on the …

Comment on How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide 2021 by OO.

For the last 2 days when I click on the link for an item I want to buy, I keep getting an error message saying “This site can’t be reached”. It’s as if the page is down but I know it is not. Prior to 2 days ago I was not having this issue. I am in the USA.
How can this be fixed.

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Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

May 19, 2020

Over that last 2 weeks, I’ve been observed some bad testimonies from USA customers who consolidated their orders and when they paid the freight/shipping fee, the Taobao warehouse that ships to the USA removed all of the item boxes and just threw the loose contents into another shipping box and shipped them out. This is highly unacceptable. These customers have posted photos that I can share if you’d like. I have some preorders that my sellers will be getting in stock soon but I am hesitant because I don’t wan’t the Taobao’s USA warehouse to manhandle my goods like that. What can be done?

Comment on Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

What is going on with the JCEX/USPS and EMS consolidated warehouses lately???
JCEX has started overweing and double or triple charging for overseas shipping?

EMS warehouse routinely delays shipment of packages claiming they are incomplete when that is not true. EMS is now opening up packages and destroying and/or losing the contents!!!


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