Hi Eric- I used to be able to buy on …

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Hi Eric- I used to be able to buy on TaoBao using my US debit card…I just tried to pay and it doesnt show my card. I unlinked it in Alipay and tried it again so I could re-add it- now I only get two options- either use my balance in Alipay (I have none) or add a PayPal card. No more options to add any bank card. Do you know why that is?

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Hi Eric- you have always been so helpful when I have an issue… so thank you in advance if you see this comment…

I am in the USA… I ordered an item to be shipped to the warehouse and then shipped to me. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the item was coming FROM the US and being shipped to China… and apparently I need to upload my ID. I tried my ID and Passport… no luck. I contacted the seller to let them know I am a US citizen and they told me I can just give them my ID number. Problem is… what is my ID number? hahaI have no idea… my drivers license number?