Introduction to taobao official package forwarder 4px

4PX EXPRESS, alias 4PX or called THE FOURTH PARTY EXPRESS, offers express delivery globally (all over Hong Kong).4px

what is their main business?

As a business branch of THE FOURTH Technology Group, 4PX EXPRESS is a supply chain logistics service provider with its core business in international logistics and global warehousing service, is a professional international courier public platform operator, and provides its customers and partners with international express delivery channels and system platform service. Established in June 2004 and relying on decades of industry experience and the ability of technological innovations, 4PX EXPRESS has created three categories, more than 20 kinds of logistics service to meet all of the logistics demands for multinational e-commerce merchants, including: Business Express (DHL/FEDEX /UPS/TNT/ARAMEX); Postal Service (Singapore Post, China Post, Hong Kong Postal snail airmail parcel, registered mail, EMS, etc.); self-owned brand services (overseas warehouse order guarantee services, the Post telecommunications services, dedicated service, etc.). By way of business cooperation and capital acquisitions, 4PX continuously integrates the regional outstanding courier related resources around the world, and builds up 4PX’s international courier network platform with multi-channels covering the entire world.

4PX EXPRESS has 1300 professional logistics service personnel in the world, 40 service outlets across the nation, 5 domestic self-storage warehouses(Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Yi-Wu), five international overseas branches and warehouses (the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Hong Kong). It is the first choice of logistics and warehousing service provider by 30,000 B2C businesses. 4PX EXPRESS is also the official partner and recommended logistics provider with eBay, PayPal, Google, Amazon, AliExpress and Dun-Huang network.

What are Prohibited/Restricted Taobao Items to deliver when using 4px?

The following commodity are prohibited: Toxic/infectious substances, liquids, arms, chemical meterials, dangerous goods, cigarette, alcohol, cash, securities , pirate goods and all prohibited goodsby IATA (International Air Transport Association).

What is 4px shipping charges for taobao items?

4px now can ship taobao items to Australia, New Zealand,Singapore,Malaysia,you can calculate the shipping cost by following the links below:

4px charges for Australia, New Zealand

4px charges for Malaysia

4px charges for Singapore

Taobao Singapore

Country Forwarder Local Courier First kg(RMB) Next 0.5kg(RMB) Size Limit Weight Limit
Singapore 4PX Singapore post 43 12 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
popstation 43 12 ≤37*42*61cm 30kg
PRouter PRT Express 27 10 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤300cm
中通DPEX DPEX 39 11 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
递壹时DEX MSC Delivery 28 11 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
Sources: ,Data is current as of May 11, 2016.

Taobao Malaysia

Country Forwarder Local Courier First kg(RMB) Next 0.5kg(RMB) Size Limit Weight Limit
West Malaysia PRouter PRT Express 23 10 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤300cm
DEX MSC Delivery 24 10 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
4PX Airpak Express 35 14 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
ZTO SKYNET 32 11.5 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
East Malaysia PRouter PRT Express 35 16 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤300cm
DEX MSC Delivery 34 15 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
4PX Airpak Express 43 21 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
ZTO SKYNET 41 18 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
Sources: ,Data is current as of May 11, 2016.

Taobao Agent 101: The Basics and Beyond

taobao-agent-101This post has been written as a beginner’s guide to taobao agents.The basics will be covered looking into what taobao agents are,services they offer and how much they cost.If you are new to taobao agent,this article should be very useful to you.Happy reading!

1. What is Taobao Agent?

Taobao Agent is your virtual assistant helping you shoppping from Chinese online website-Taobao.Regard your taobao agent as your on-site expert, a native within the culture of taobao, familiar with local purchasing and documentation practices, and your partner for packing and Shipping items.

2.What Kind of Service Does a Taobao Agent Offer?


As its most significant feature, a taobao agent provides a website in the language the international customer understands. A good agent also offers English-language customer service and mediation with the merchant.

Recognizable Purchase

Convenient online shopping is only as convenient as its operational system. Taobao agents understand the importance of offering an easily recognizable, secure purchase path.Agents’ websites mirror the most well accepted American platforms like, e.g. Amazon. Registration, log-in, promo code entry, shopping cart usage, check-out and even review submission procedures are based on intuitive user actions. When you use a taobao agent, you can forget about staring at a screen and not knowing where to go next to complete an order!

Packing and International Shipping

You’ll leave all the details of packing and international shipping to a taobao agent.A designated agent receives your orders from the merchants, and, with their extensive experience of shipping and handling, ensures that purchases will be packed securely for the overseas journey and an appropriate dispatch method is implemented. An efficient customer service will advise clearly about what items pack well, withstand long travel times under fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions, glide smoothly through national customs, and, in the case of counterfeit items, are most likely to be confiscated before ever reaching the customer.

In a stroke of genius, agents offer the option of consolidating purchases from various online stores into one shipment. So you can hop from one online store to another, so to speak carrying only one bag, and pay for just one shipment to arrive at your doorstep.

3.What Does a Taobao Agent Cost?

OK, you might say, the idea of shopping online in China has always been an idea kicking around in the back of your mind, and now, knowing that taobao agents can make the experience so simple, you’re almost ready to start. But there’s a gnawing question: what does a taobao agent cost? Won’t the charge for services offset any savings made by shopping in China in the first place?

Surprisingly, no. Taobao agents’ service charges range from 4% to 10% of the sum of the purchase(s) price plus the domestic mailing charges from the online retailer’s warehouse to your agent. That’s about the equivalent of a U.S. state’s sales tax, and lower than other countries’ VAT!

A good rule of thumb is that the higher the volume purchased, the lower the % charge. (Wholesalers, you’re happy!)  However, keep in mind that the greater the number of Chinese retailers involved in one taobao order, the more individual domestic mailing needed, so the higher the service fees will be.

How to Choose the Taobao Agent?

choose-the-taobao-agentDozens of taobao agents will pop up on a simple Google search. Where to start in sorting through these masses? I recommend evaluating each for the following criteria, here in order of priority:

  1. Website language
  2. Ease of navigation on website
  3. Customer service availability and quality
  4. Transaction currency
  5. Payment options
  6. “Extras” like pre-packing photography service and discounting programs

1. Website language

Website language is a no-brainer. If you’re American, British, Australian or a Kiwi, or just fluent in English, you’ll have no problem finding a taobao agent since most operate in English anyways. (Beware, however, of websites with poorly edited, hard-to-read English texts. Some nasty communication issues are bound to arise with agents whose English skills are spotty.) If you’d prefer to trade in Russian, there are plenty of taobao agents in your language. Spanish, French, Italian, German and Polish customers can also find agents with websites in their language, although you’ll have to search a bit harder to find these guys.

2. Ease of navigation on website

Check out the website navigation. I find the best method is to be (pretend or real) a completely uninitiated Chinese online shopper. Your first look should be for a section describing the ordering procedure. If you struggle to follow the instructions for using the website, that website is most likely not for you. Generally speaking, images speak volumes; long-winded texts are likely to be left unread and misunderstood.  Several agents now offer a standardized powerpoint-like illustrated protocol which could not be any clearer than the nose on one’s face:

3. Customer service availability and quality

Next, have a look at how the agent helps you shop. Are there links to various taobao web merchants on the homepage? Or do you have to laboriously Google them yourself?

Most agents encourage you to cut-and-paste an URL of your product choice from any merchant and place it in your local-agent shopping cart. So be sure to evaluate the sophistication of an agent’s product search mechanism. The best agents will offer a branching-category list beginning, for example, with “Men’s Apparel”, taking you through to “Undergarments”, then “Bottoms” and ending just with those “Cartoon boxers” that you’re looking for. The less helpful agents supply only an organic search by keyword function – a relatively unfiltered process which is likely to lead to tens of thousands of product results.

A good agent will also provide tips for separating the wheat from the chaff amidst the many merchants. The wide-open nature of the web invites not only reputable vendors to sell their wares, but also embraces start-ups with less experience under their belts – or even disreputable companies – who want to make a quick yuan.  Importing counterfeit designer goods can get the buyer into real hot water!  Agents who have introduced a ranking system (based on companies’ track records and customer satisfaction reviews) should be preferred over those providing no feedback to buyers regarding seller trustworthiness.

Customer service is a big deal in today’s complex world of commercialism. When dealing with a foreign culture and language, it’s an even bigger deal for the international shopper.

Given a 12-hour time difference between Beijing and, say, Boston, I as a customer want as many methods as possible to communicate with my service provider. I’d like to be able to email at 5pm before leaving work, but I’d also like the option of phoning an agent at a decent hour of the evening if there’s an issue that needs discussion. Phone/Skype, email, online chat, maybe even that old-fashioned fax are the media to look for. A local clock ticking away on the homepage is a welcome sight, as are details of operating (or “online”) hours.

Look for an agent that has a sufficiently large staff and a good network server on hand so that you’re not glued to one dedicated representative. A list of team members on an agent’s website signals accountability and bumps the level of trust up yet another step.

4.  Transaction currency

Now to the salient question of payment and currency. Many customers might be most comfortable dealing exclusively in US$. Europeans may prefer Euros. Other international buyers could be happiest with the CNY (Chinese yuan). It’s up to you because there are taobao agents galore who offer various transactional denominations.

Whatever your choice, you will not escape currency exchange charges in some form, unless you own a CNY bank account. These charges will hit you either as exchange commissions at your bank or credit card institute, or in an undervalued static exchange rate arbitrarily set by the taobao agent.

5. Payment options

Payment options range broadly from PayPal to bank transfer, Western Union to WebMoney. Most users will find PayPal the most convenient, familiar and secure payment method and will therewith be prepared to swallow the 3% service fee.

For you, determining the optimal payment method may be a matter of trial and error. So it could be wise to choose an agent who offers as many options as possible. Keep in mind, too, that most agents require 2 separate payments, the first to cover products + domestic shipping + agent service charge, and the second to pay for international shipping and optional insurance.  Customers with access to a revolving online account, offered by most (although not all) agents, will find they have the most flexibility to handle their money as they wish.

6. “Extras” like pre-packing photography service and discounting programs

Extra bells and whistles in the service area sweeten the customer-agent relationship. While most agents will spot-check your ordered goods for accuracy (including color and size) prior to shipping, the best agents will photograph and share those images with you to avert a potential return of the goods if the customer finds the order erroneous.

Smart agents provide online shipping calculators to figure your estimated costs based on purchase weight, shipping method and destination country. With a plethora of methods to choose from, including the old standbys DHL and UPS, as well as EMS (Chinese express service, often at discount rates), various postal and SAL (sea-and-land) routes, the customer’s big deciding factor may be delivery time – anywhere from around 5 days to several weeks, depending on which method you choose.

Service-charge discounting programs, most based on a system of point accumulation, are available with most agents. But the most fun and creative ones are those focusing on getting the agent networked in to the online social world of the customer, either with photos of happy customers with their Chinese purchases, or promotional tweets, or (ultimately) new customer referrals.

Taobao Agent Pricing Comparison Table

Service Domestic shipping International shipping Storage Insurance fee (optional) Photo fee
Yoybuy 10% (vip 8%)
minimum is 5.74 USD
10 to 30 RMB per kg ≤90 days free
>90 days 0.164 USD/day
Taobaoring 8% (vip 8%)
minimum is 30 RMB
15 RMB for the 1st kg
10 RMB for each additional kg
Taobaospree ≤500 RMB 50 RMB
>500 RNB 10%
Frugirls 6% (vip 6%)
minimum is 5 USD
12 to 30 RMB per kg
Bhiner 5% (vip 2.5%-5%)
minimum is 15 RMB
Mistertao 8% (vip 5%)
no minimum fee
Taobaofocus 10%
minimum is 35 RMB
15 RMB per seller
Spreenow 10% (vip 8%)
minimum is 50 RMB
Buychina 10%
no minimum fee
Rorbuy 10%
minimum is 34 RMB
10 to 30 RMB per kg ≤90 days free
>90 days 0.165 USD/day
No insurance fee 8 RMB per item
Taobaotrends 10%
minimum is 35 RMB
Engtaobao 6% (vip 5%)
minimum is 5 USD
12 to 30 RMB per kg
Cssbuy 6% ≤90 days free
>90 days 35 RMB/day

China UPS

china upsUPS, or United Parcel Service Inc., was founded in 1907 as a messenger company in Seattle, U.S. It is the world’s first package delivery company and has been a leading player in the worldwide express industry, the top competitor of FedEx. However, UPS is less influential than FedEx in China. It is performing better in the Americas and has the highest cost performance index.

how long does china UPS take to my country?

To China neighboring countries in Asia: 2-3 days,

to European countries and USA: 3-5 days,

and to other countries and regions: 6-8 days.

How does UPS Calculate shipping fee?

Calculated based on per 500 g rate, the price of small parcels varies from 120 yuan – 180 yuan/kg. Fees are charged on every 10g, for example: items weighed 32g will be charged a fee of 40 g. If the shipping rate is 120 yuan/kg, then the fee would be 5 yuan.

What is the weight and size limit of package I can send?

  • The maximum weight for parcel is 32 kg.
  • Length + width + height ≤ 419 cm, each side ≤ 152 cm


China EMS

china emsEMS international express is a special service offered by Universal Postal Union. In many countries, EMS items enjoy preferential processing by the Posts, Customs, and Airlines. It also provides multiple types of tracking and inquiry services. To date, China Express Mail Service has established business connections with more than 200 countries and regions. EMS is now one of the most widely used methods by cross-border sellers to transit their goods.

how much does EMS cost to my country from China?

The shipping fee of EMS is calculated based on per 0.5 kg rate, whereby fee is charged on every additional 0.5 kg. Each parcel shall not exceed 30 kg. For instance, the first 0.5 kg of a 5-kg parcel will be charged 150 yuan while each subsequent 0.5 kg will be charged 30 yuan. The total shipping fee would be: 150+(5×2-1)×30=420 yuan.

How long does EMS take to ship from china to my country ?

Country Estimated Time
Southeast Asia 3-8 days
USA/Canada 5-8 days
Europe 4-9 days
Australia & New Zealand 5-9 days
South Asia 6-10 days
Middle East 7-12 days
South America 8-12 days
Africa 8-12 days

What is the maximum weight and size of package I can send?

EMS weight limit per parcel is : 30kg

EMS volume restrictions are based on the restrictions of the local postal services:


United States: length <= 1.5m, length + width <= 2.75m

Japan: length <= 1.8m, length + width <= 3m


EMS possesses strong custom clearance capability. It is suitable for transporting branded items, batteries, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc. As shipping fee is independent of the item size, it is suitable for light weight but bulky items.