TaobaoRing Review: Is TaobaoRing a Reliable and Legit TaoBao Agent?

taobaoring-reviewTaobaoRing is one of the top reliable agent in China that helps you buy items from Taobao and many other Chinese online shops all over the world. It was founded on 2011 with the start up of six employees with average age of 22-29.

What makes TaobaoRing unique? Is it suited to you? Join us exploring taobaoring in detail to see how it is differentiated from the competition.

#1. Is Their Website Easy To Use ?

It is very easy to order on their website because of the order process part. They have this chart:

taobaoring order process

Under that chart there are seven steps on explaining very well what will happen on each part of the order process.

They will also notify you within the day if one or some of your items are not available anymore.

They have a unique crawler system which can grasp the taobao items price precisely. When you have discount for some items, their system will automatically minus the discount to your total invoice price.

#2. How Much Do They Charge For Their Service?

Taobaoring have 8% service fee of the total item cost and domestic shipping fee. Obviously,Price is not their selling point,if you want lower price,you can choose from this chart,some agents have better price.

Their minimum service charge is 30RMB. Their insurance fee is optional only.

I would recommend you to accept their insurance when you buy high value goods since its only 5% of all the cost (items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee + international shipping fee). Better be safe than sorry, right?

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#3. What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

When you are ordering online you need to always check the website’s payment methods. What I love about taobaoring is that they offer a lot of payment methods which are PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, WebMoney, and Bank Transfer. Their paypal Payment transaction charge is 4.4% + 0.3 USD.

You can enjoy 7% of service charge when you pay via Western Union with the amount of single payment is more than 2,000$.

#4. What Shipping Methods Do They Offer?

They offer a lot of couriers for shipment. These are EMS, Airmail, Air, Surface, SAL, DHL, Aramex, and SF(ShunFeng).

Above all these couriers they recommend EMS for its fast, safe and reliable advantage. You can get a discount up to 40% off official EMS shipping rates. I also suggest EMS because this courier really have an excellent service!

#5. How’s TaobaoRing’s Customer Support?

All final orders are processed within 12 hours. They also have these Online Help Box on the lower left side, where you can chat with their employee via QQ or skype.

Their employees are very accomodating. You can also email them and get a reply within 30 minutes to 12 hours(I have tested!).

Another good thing about them is their  free pre-packing photo service,Once you have paid your orders, they will automatically send you a photo of all your orders packed before shipping.You can then check if items were mispicked, damaged or wrongly-colored.Most of agents will charge a fee for this service.

#6. What Did Their Customers Say About TaobaoRing?

Customers seemed to be pleased with TaobaoRing, most found agents were very patient and understanding. They were also happy with the shipping method, saying that they have a shipping method most agents don’t offer: SEA (surface) shipping . However there have been complaints over the hidden domestic fees and no instant chat. I have listed some of their reviews here,you can check it out by your own:

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redroses3164-Taobao Ring Order Review

The video below from Nyanase has a good summary of How to buy from TaoBao through Taobaoring and also provides tips on how to track Your Order.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”620″ height=”350″]

TaobaoRing Review: Conclusion

Overall, we really like TaobaoRing because we like companies that truely care about their customers. It has unique crawler system, free pre-packing photo, and fast email response.TaobaoRing is a great choice if you’re about to choose a agent that has a balance between price and service.

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5 thoughts on “TaobaoRing Review: Is TaobaoRing a Reliable and Legit TaoBao Agent?”

  1. This is Sydney from TaobaoRing. We are so happy that you like our service and do such detailed review for us. Good to tell that TaobaoRing has upgraded our brand name to 42agent from December 1st, 2018. Though name changed, our service quality remains and even better.
    Thanks again and welcome to shop with us at any time.

  2. The shipping prices are very HIGH!!!! It seems 8% commision is only a small part of what they earn. The shipping is the main income. For 0,9 kg package you will have to pay at least 20 dollars! 🙂 Think twice before you order something.

  3. hey, just a quick thanks for listing my taobaoring review in your review section 😀
    hope it’s helpful ^^
    i used taobaoring a couple of times afterwards and they were exactly the same as when i first used their service so they’re pretty reliable in my opinion.


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