Spreenow Review: Is It a Good Taobao Agent?

SpreeNow has been trading for six years, also under the name TabaoNow. Early on, from 2007, the group mounted small-scale “sprees” in various forums, and also offered a Shopping Assistance Service website. Solid past experience like this points to a potentially super Chinese shopping agency experience. It’s worth examining SpreeNow, because the devil is often in the details.

Today, we’re excited to dive into more detail about SpreeNow. Join us exploring its benefits and possible downsides.

#1. Is Their Website Easy Of Use?

Americans, Europeans and Australians accustomed to a standardized “look and feel” in terms of purchase path may find themselves initially challenged by the SpreeNow website. The site (offered in English only) could use a good going-over by an editor in terms of both language usage (grammar) and content. The “News” section boasts its most recent item, a particularly irrelevant article on repairing a ring binder, from September 2014.

One thing I find uniqueness about SpreeNow is the “+Spree It!” button. With this button,you do not have to copy and paste a URL anymore! As it says on the website all you simply need to do is:

“Drag the Spree It! button to your browser’s Bookmark Bar. Use that Spree It! button on Taobao or Tmall’s product pages. It will add any product directly to your SpreeNow Shop cart.”

#2. Is It Easy to Order Via SpreeNow?

SpreeNow have a really nifty shopping cart system that automatically calculates the total of your order without shipping.You do have to sign up with them to be able to order through them!

There is initially no trace of an efficient filtering mechanism other than a natural search by keyword. Only after an initial result is it possible to sort by price, “sale” status or popularity. The user appreciates that English titles are visible for the first several hundred items; that is, until it becomes clear that entering keywords in the Chinese language will yield many more items in the search result.

#3. How Much Do They Charge?

All prices are in Chinese yuan, with no conversion tools offered. In the Product section, prices are delineated by item price and domestic shipping price (usually 15 yuan). It’s crucial to know at this point that SpreeNow’s 10% service charge will be based on the sum of these two prices.

If you were a member on TaoBaoNow.com, you get a special 8% service fee on their new site (forever!) instead of the regular 10% fee.

#4. Shipping And Handling

One major hurdle to using this website as a beginner is that prices and costs are given exclusively in Chinese yuan. This includes calculations of shipping, done with a nifty automatic calculator for any country around the world. Yuan-only pricing leaves the foreigner a bit perplexed unless he’s stocked his online account prior to any purchase transaction.

Shipping options are limited to China Post Airmail, EMS (Chinese express), Hong Kong Post Airmail and Hong Kong Post Air Parcel.

#5. Is It Safe To Order From Spreenow?

SpreeNow is one of the few websites doing a shout-out for its online security. A “Digicert EV Secure” medallion claims to have verified the authenticity of the website and its owners, and, through SSL certificate, ensures safe information transfer.

#6. Is Their Customer Service Good?

An online Chat Support service is manned by SpreeNow between the Beijing-time hours of Monday-Friday 9am–6pm and Saturday 9am–3pm. Given a 12-hour time difference from US Eastern Daylight Time, it may be very convenient for night owls to communicate with SpreeNow, but since the SpreeNow website does not list any other communication method, a direct dialogue for other US- or South Americans could be challenging.

#7. Are SpreeNow Customers Satisfied With Their Service?

Many customers are very happy with this agent,They think Spreenow is a decent shopping service and their staff has a very good English,Some like their cart option because customers can review the prices before ordering ,removing stuff from the cart if the total is too much.A few customer feel that service fee is more expensive than other agents.I have picked some of the most helpful reviews,you can read them yourself.

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michigopyon: Using Spreenow for ordering on Taobao!

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SpreeNow Review: Conclusion

Spreenow’s forte is easy to use website, quick and effective customer service. But it’s payment method is a bit complex and their commission fee is more expensive than other agents,you can see here,many agents can offer a better rate,If you expect a cheap taobao agent, Spreenow isn’t for you.if you want a reliable agent that has been tested by many customers,then this one is for you.

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5 thoughts on “Spreenow Review: Is It a Good Taobao Agent?”

  1. They didn’t check my order and I received a completely different item, when I opened the dispute on paypal they offered to give back only 1/10 of the money, when I refused they asked to send back the item, which was impossible for me since the shipping cost from my country would be higher than the cost of the item itself.
    Then they said the would give me a partial refund after the closing of the dispute, of course they didn’t and after that they disappeared.
    I basically paid for a service they didn’t make and had to keep the wrong item which was way cheaper than the one I ordered.
    Some of their agents are very rude too, they ignored me when I told me I received the wrong item and started aswering only after I opened the paypal dispute.
    Don’t buy on taobao with them, there are better agents.

  2. After several orders, they stole more than $200 worth of goods from me in my last order. It was an order of 250 coins along with various other items of different sizes totaling about $3000 in value that came in three large cartons. I had them send me pictures of all items when they received them from each seller and the picture was clear they had all the coins in their possession. When the packages arrived, there were only 100 coins wrapped firmly inside the cartons along with the rest the other items. The rest of the items were fine. When I contacted them to see if the rest of my coin were somehow forgotten to be sent to me (I figured it was perhaps an honest mistake), they became belligerent and insulting. Never again did I order through them. I wouldn’t trust them ever again.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend SpreeNow. Their site is easy to navigate but they’re lazy agents. I don’t understand why their commission fee is so high when they don’t actually check your order. My last order from them had 4 missing items that were paid for. When I contacted them about it they said one of the items were out of stock (yet somehow I was charged for it???) and said they would refund me. When I asked about the other 3 items they never replied so I have to count it as a loss.

  4. Tried to sign up to them and could never manage? No confirmation email, signing in never worked.
    Doesn’t seem like a good agent to me if their basic site doesn’t even work.

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