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  1. Hi Eric even before filling information and those steps you listed above,immediately after clicking register button the webpage displayed “Having detected the risk of your environment blahblahblah verify this ” you know those kinda letters and numbers to verify human or robot like the ones in creating emailll but the problem is typing letters shown it displays “Click on the circle to verify” then the previous verify page popped up then I verified again then the latter popped up againnn they keep repeating please kindly help me how to resolve this thanks for your kindness I am from Myanmar Burma by the way if that is needed

  2. Hm, instead of the verification email from taobao linking back to taobao, I am getting a verification email to set up an alipay account. But the alipay account seems to require a chinese bank account number. Without setting that up, I get a message saying “your account is locked and prohibited from logging in” to alipay.

    Is it possible to sign up without a chinese bank account?

  3. Hi Eric, I HAVE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES YOU POSTED BUT AFTER submitting THE VERIFICATION codes succesfully , they ask me again to put my username, password, confirmation password and email. WHEN I FINISH PUTTING THEM I CLICK SUBMIT but i keep getting a invalid input message. Im stuck in the third step before.completion, and all boxes are already check with green checkmarks, i dont understand, could you please help, many thanks

  4. Hi ziey from malaysia.i have a problem to enter my phone number..please he me.tq..

  5. Hi

    I have managed to registered an account with Taobao but I want to know how do I add an email address. When I started I received the code in my handphone. I actually log in and wanted to add the email address but it keep asking me to sign in and there isnt any field where I can input it. Can you advise?

    • Hi

      Sorry that I forgot to add. I did not received any email from them at all when I registered in the beginning.

  6. Hi Eric! Thanks for posting this information. I’m already using Alipay (in USA) with an account on Aliexpress, and when I entered the verification code sent to my mobile, the webpage asked “you already have an account associated with this mobile, do you want to continue?” I clicked yes, but I’m not able to login using my aliexpress login. Any suggestions?

  7. Hello ,I am from Cambodia and i would like to order anything direct from Taopao with my bank account and after i make an order so i need shipping agency from your company to make shipping and find the transportation for delivery directly to me(Cambodia) is it possible to do that? here is my contact number +855 16 772 294 and facebook account is Pi Pi Mine or can go through my email. [email protected].
    and here is my sale account= Pi Pi Brand Collection online Shop.

  8. Hey Eric,
    I installed alipay and taobao on cellphone. I created my alipay account in mobile and havent verified it yet. I tried registering for taobao on website from my PC but after entering the verification code sent in mobile. the message is that your number has already been registered so i click the login page and i am stuck there i havent registered directly on taobao so i am confused really about what should i do net. i tried entering my phone number and passwor i input in alipay. it doesnot work.

  9. Hi, Eric, I have a problem , when I want to submit my information , the webpage send the following message ” Network busy, try later ”, already 2 months I am trying this, with other browsers, and other computers, and with a proxy, but always “Network busy, please try again later” in last step of registration, same with a mobile application.
    I can not contact taobao customer service because I have to logined.
    What’s the problem with this site. Can you help me?

    • Many readers met this problem,I have contacted the taobao customer service,they said they are updating their website system which will affect the registration.and they have no idea when this update will finish.

  10. Hi, Eric

    I’m from the Philippines and I was wondering of I can buy from Taobao world?


    • yes,you can’t buy it directly,you have to use a agent to buy it for you.

  11. hi ,
    i want to register ,but dont have phone number location under Malaysia.
    How can i do that? i also cant read chinese only english need the to read the webside under english.
    Please help me to resolve.

    Thank you.

    • you dont have to use a Malaysia phone number,you can use your phone number to register and add a Malaysia address to receive your items.

  12. Hey Eric
    Thanks a ton for sharing the steps to register
    Could also help us translating the app on mobile

  13. Hi , I have a problem , when I want to submit my information , the webpage send the following message ” Network busy, try later ”
    Can you help me please ? :c
    Best wishes.

  14. hi there, when i want to register to become member, but it didn’t show to fill in email address, it asked me to fill contact number but come out this…”Incorrect format of mobile phone number, please retry with a correct one.” Pls help.

  15. Dear Eric,

    I am located at Canada . I had succeeded completing all the steps to register to Taobao.The only issue is at the last entry to the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION form. Beside the password,username …are showing green check mark. That means every entry are good to go .But when click on the SUBMIT , it was not able to submit to complete the registration . Why? and how to make it completing.

    Thanks for your help

    Kiet Vuong

  16. Dear Eric, thank you very much for your great contribution.
    I am located in Panama, Central America and I would like to create a TaoBao account.
    When I go to register TaoBao webpage, I enter my email, pull verification bar and enter captcha, all OK.
    Then in Verify Mobilephone step, when I enter my mobile number form Panama, the webpage sends a message “Network busy, try later”.
    I’ve been trying this for several days and the webpage always sends the same message.
    What do you recommend me ?
    Waiting for your comments.
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Best Regards. Gilberto

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