Hi Eric, I bought a coffee table from Taobao at …

Comment on How to Request a Refund on Taobao by Helen chai.

Hi Eric, I bought a coffee table from Taobao at a price of RMB 2441 after discount it was rejected at the warehouse without reason.I asked seller to make a refund he refused and demanded 10% of the cost of the table compensate for the freight transport than only she will do a refund. After negotiation I willing to give them the 10% freight money later she sent me her Alipay account number ask to pay them the freight money but my RMB 2441 is still with them why she ask me to pay instead of deducting from the amount she has to refund to me.
2 days later I contacted her again for the refund she said she did not receive the freight yet is been over more than 10 days already and warehouse said they already send the goods back to the shop.Please advice Thank you.

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