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Hi, bought something big recently (reselling won’t be as convenient …

Comment on How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller? by J.

Hi, bought something big recently (reselling won’t be as convenient + I do still want it)
I’m okay if the shipping fee I had originally paid isn’t refunded, but considering the process is Seller > China Warehouse > Singapore

The exchange process I assume would also be Singapore > China warehouse > Seller (in which the seller said they will refund the shipping fee: I assume will be China warehouse > Seller, but not SG > China)

Wondering if you could advice on whether the process of that?
Aside from contacting seller, how do I contact the warehouse and arrange all this + refund that shipping fee?
Not to mention, when the seller resends out the item to the warehouse, will it be recorded on the system & appear on my app for me to pay for the sea shipping fee?

Or would you suggest simply requesting for a refund from the seller to cut costs, instead of going through that troublesome process? Would that be possible?

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