I had the misfortune of encountering bad experience that I …

Comment on SGshop Review: Is It a Safe and Good Singapore Taobao Agent? by Angeline.

I had the misfortune of encountering bad experience that I would like to share with online shoppers. If you are considering using SgShop, please bear in mind that if you received defective or inferior goods, SgShop will assist you to get refund but will keep highlight to you further high cost involved which will make you think twice. I felt threatened and cheated. I paid a total of $31 for a product and was initially offered a compensation of $1.11 for the defective product. I decided to return product to seller for full refund and received further ‘threatening’ info SgShop on the high cost that I will be incurring with no guarantee that I will get my refund for reason like – item was lost or scratch in transit ….. I am now left with no choice but throw away the defective good and lost my $31. A lesson for me and no more SgShop. I have one more shipment due to be pick up and hope it is not another disappointment.

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