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How to Contact Taobao Customer Service

Updated on March 31, 2021

Due to the language barrier, you can easily run into some trouble about your orders, shipping, returns, money .etc when you buy directly from Taobao.

Contacting the Taobao customer service department is the best way to solve your problem, but it is not an easy thing. In fact, it can be difficult to even locate contact information for Taobao anywhere on the website.

To assist you, here are several ways you can get in touch with Taobao customer service when you have a problem with Taobao.

1. how to contact Taobao

Contacting Taobao customer service is not an easy thing, not only for foreigners but for domestic users as well.

Taobao used to offer English online forms and email support, but both have been discontinued in the last two years.

Now for a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese, you can only reach them via local phone or social media.

Taobao phone support number:

Hong Kong

  • phone number: (852)30183610
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (886)277054306
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (65)31633159
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (60)392125564
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00


  • phone number: (61)383738606
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,7:00-18:00

Other areas

  • phone number: (852)30183610
  • working time: Monday-Sunday,9:00-18:00

When you are from”Other areas”, before making the calling, please notice that it is not a toll-free, it is a HongKong phone number, so the rate will not be cheap.

Taobao sometimes changes the phone number, you can check the original Taobao customer support page here to make sure the contact number is not outdated.

Taobao social media

Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/sea.taobao/ or https://www.facebook.com/taobao.global/

On Instagram, they’re — https://www.instagram.com/taobao.official/

On Youtube, here is the link to their channel.

2. how to contact Alipay

when you have problems with your money, payments, refund, bank account, then you need to contact Alipay to solve it.

Alipay phone support number:

Taobao and Alipay share the same phone number, so you can call the Taobao support phone number, after getting through, choose service language and Press “1 “to talk with Alipay support.

Alipay livechat support:

Step 1

Click this link to go to live chat page

Step 2

Copy&paste Chinese keywords”人工客服” in the Dialog and click the grey “发送” button to send this query to their system.

“人工客服” means live human support, so this step is to tell alipay you need to chat with a real person.


Now you will see a blue button with text”连接在线客服”,

Click it and the system will connect you with an Alipay customer support member, and then you can chat with them in English or Chinese.

Hopefully, your issue will be resolved quickly and easily.

3. how to contact your forwarder warehouse

Warehouse plays a key role during the whole Taobao shopping process, your orders will be shipped from seller to warehouse, then from warehouse to your address.

If you are a newbie, you most likely will run into some problems related to it. So It is important you know how to contact the guys there.

contact your warehouse via Your Order management page.

Step 1

Log into your Taobao account, Click [跨境物流管理(cross-border logistics management)] in the upper right corner of Taobao homepage or click here.

Step 2

On the [待集运订单(To be shipped)] tab, you need to select your forwarder(by default, it is 官方配送服务),

you can click [集运操作咨询(Consolidation Consultation)] or [问题咨询(Problem Consultation)] to contact forwarder Customer Service.

or On the [物流订单(Logistics Order)] tab, click on the blue icon to consult with the forwarder Customer Service.

contact your forwarder warehouse via LiveChat

Click the following forwarder link to have a live chat with them, if you are not sure which forwarder you are using, check it from this page.

Region Forwarder warehouse
United States 集运空运
Canada 官方集运-空运
Australia 官方集运-海运 官方直送 官方集运-空运
New Zealand 集运-4PX递四方速递 集运-中通速递
Japan 集运-4PX递四方速递
Singapore 官方集运-海运 官方集运-空运 官方直送
Malaysia 官方集运-海运 官方集运-空运 官方直送
Hong Kong 菜鸟-官方直送 菜鸟-官方集运 集运-顺丰速运
Macau 官方直送 集运-顺丰速运
Taiwan 官方集运-海运快递 官方集运-空运 集运-4PX递四方速递

4. how to contact your Taobao seller

In order to contact the seller, you need to download a software called aliwangwang(阿里旺旺), it is the official chat app.

They have windows, mac, ios, and Android versions, you can download them here.

contact seller on the product page

After logging in to Ali Wangwang, go to the product page, click the blue icon on the right corner of the page.

Contact seller from [已买到的宝贝(purchased)] page

If you have placed an order, go to the on the [已买到的宝贝(purchased)] page you can find the seller aliwangwang right next to the order number.

AliWangwang is the official chat software on Taobao. if there is a dispute in the transaction, you can provide a screenshot of your chat history as valid proof.

Don’t add the seller’s WeChat id if you don’t know him!!

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630 thoughts on “How to Contact Taobao Customer Service”

  1. I cant login into my 1688 account and my password and id is correct, please what happen and how can you help to resolve it ,this is the massage they send to me when I was trying to login ……Terribly sorry! your account has serious violations and has been processed as a ” frozen”account.for details, please refer to <a href="http:/service.taobao.com/support/help-4351.htm"target

  2. Hi, I have paid CaiNiao to ship my 39 pracels 131410035092103. The parcels arrived to Singapore and cleared custom check on 07 Dc 2021, on 9 Dec 2021 it stated that it will take 2 to 4 working days to deliver. After notice that the parcels have not yet receive, I log in my TB apps to check and it show that the parcels will reach me by 19 Dec 2021. I have text CaiNiao about the problem on 19 Dec 2021, they did not said that the parcel were un-trace instate they told me to wait 2 days for their call. No 20 Dec 2021, i Text them again and soon after CaiNiao from Hong Kong called me and was told that they lost my parcels!!! and they would like to compensate me at their max. amount of no more then 2450yen (My total item and shipping costed 4000yen) which I told them is unacceptable. Now they offer to check the lost parcel and will contacted me again. I am very stress out now and some of the items were pre-oder from my customer for christmas. Very disappointed after all this years of support to Taobao and this is the first time facing such problem, can TaoBao please help to address my issue. Thank you.

  3. Hi Eric,

    I just reached my parcel but due to some issues, I need to send the parcel back to seller from Singapore.

    Can you kindly share with me how to do it?

    Many thanks!

  4. I placed an order 3 days ago (26.11.2021). I order went through my bank account, it already charged for what i order. Now I can’t see what i’m ordering. when i text the supplier, they said that i didn’t pay for it. I spent ALOT, so I am wondering how to get my money back? ( i used to order many time before but this time i don’t know what’s going on )

  5. Hey sorry to bother you but I have recently made a purchase from Taobao and after about three months have tried to pay for consolidation for the item to have it sent from China to America. The only problem is whenever I try to order the items consolidation the website on my desktop or phone brings me to a page that says my Alipay account is not able to be logged into. I have tried to log into my Alipay account separately on my phone using the Taobao log-in as a start but it always brings me to a page that asks for my card to verify my identity but after putting in my card number only displays an error. I have spent around 200 dollars on the item and now don’t even know if it will ever come it would be super nice if you could help me out with this. By the way, I do not own a Chinese bank card I am trying to use a chase debit card.

  6. I made a taobao account months ago to purchase something. My order went through and my bank account was charged. Now I can’t log in and says my account was frozen. I spent quite a bit so I am wondering do they refund me and cancel my order or how can I get in contact them in English? I’m American and don’t know Chinese. 🙁

    1. You need to call the phone number above, select English customer service, then tell them your situation, they will send you a text message telling you how to unblock your account.

      1. Sorry to bother you again Eric. I tried calling but it won’t go through. Do I need to put +86 first before the “Other areas” phone number for it to go through? I am calling through an American number and understand there will be fees since it is an international call. Thank you a lot for your help.

        1. Hi, make sure that your phone and your carrier have turned on the international calling feature. and call during their business hours.
          No need to add 86, as 852 is Hong Kong international area code, just dial 0085230183610

        1. After the connection, the machine is saying: for Cantonese please press 1, for Mandarin please press 2

          They don’t provide the option of English. but you can try to press 1 or 2,

          and then speak to them in English. I think these customer supports can speak English as I know there are English-speaking people who have communicated with them in English before.

          1. after i pressed one, the machine continues and tells me to press more numbers but im not sure which ones to press. I have tried them all and so far i haven’t spoken to a real person. is it possible to reslove frozen account issues through the online help option ?

  7. Hi Eric,
    My package from Taobao was successfully handed to a local courier, FedEx. But I think FedEx might lose it as there’s no update for 10 days and already didn’t met the expected delivery date. The call center couldn’t help and suggest I tell the shipper for a claim/refund. My package forwarder is Cainiao.

    For this case, does the amount of refund include the total of cost of items + shipping fee to the US?
    Thank you.

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