What To Do When You Can’t Receive Taobao Verification Code?

This post helps you solve verification code problems you may encounter during the Taobao registration process.

I listed three solutions based on my own experience and others’ feedback.

1. Use Google Voice (Recommend)

After registration with google voice, you will get a US phone number, this phone number can smoothly receive taobao verification code, I use google voice to regiter taobao account for myself and others with 100% success rate,so this is the most direct solution.

Here is a tutorial on google voice: Google Voice: The ultimate how-to guide

2. Check With Your Phone Carrier Company

Some phone carrier block text code from oversea by default.so you need to check with your phone carrier company if it turns on the international message service for you.

3.  Try Using The Taobao Mobile App

Taobao has just released a new mobile app, called “Taobao lite(淘宝lite).” You can install it ino your smart phone, then try to registere the taobao account on your mobile phone.

here is the download link to this app:

For ios,click here

For android,click here

Well, these are the solutions I offer, if you have any questions or better solution, you can comment below.

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39 thoughts on “What To Do When You Can’t Receive Taobao Verification Code?”

  1. I figured out how to fix the problem. If you get an error like “suspicious activity” or “code limit” like I did,
    Simply download the “textfree” app in the app store (iphone) or any app that will give you a different phone number and use that new number instead.
    I tried it and it worked, I was able to register an account, hope this helps others.

    1. Taobao will send SMS to verify your account periodically.

      If you are unable to provide the verification code next time, your account may still be disabled.

      So I recommend you use a long-term phone number.

  2. It took me a couple of attempts but I did finally get to do the sms code verification but I still get the following error message when I try to log in:

    “I’m very sorry! Your account has serious violations and has been processed as a “frozen” account. See here for details”

    What to do?

  3. Hi, I try the option Michael said… but I kept receiving the same message.
    “sending verification code has reached the upper limit, please try again after 24 hours”

    I mean… I just tried once!!!

    This began to happen a few days ago. I believe is a Taobao issue. How can it be that so many of us have the same problem??

    1. Im having the same issue, I accidentally put the wrong phone number ONCE and it told me ive reached my limit and i have to try again tomorrow…its so frustrating 🙁

  4. For anyone else with this problem, I couldn’t log in for a long time because I thought I couldn’t receive the verification text messages. The verification pop-up wasn’t able to be translated within Chrome and I just assumed the text message would be sent automatically because it showed my mobile number. There is actually a button that you have to manually press before the text message will be sent. There’s also another button there for alternative verification methods or to use a different phone number.

  5. Hi Eric, thanks for sharing..
    I’m from Indonesia, I did not receive sms code when I try to register my phone number. Is there any problem with Indonesian phone number? Any solution for this?

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