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We agree, don’t trust. We refused to do that and …

Comment on YoyBuy Review: Is YoyBuy a Reliable and Trustworthy TaoBao Agent? by Timo.

We agree, don’t trust. We refused to do that and still we could order from them. We are really satisfied that we didn’t give asked details to them because it is not acceptable if you ask from banks and because they kept our money without sending goods to us. We can just imagine what they could have done with detailed information of our credit cards etc. Keep away from these guys.

Timo Also Commented

Comment on YoyBuy Review: Is YoyBuy a Reliable and Trustworthy TaoBao Agent?

Hi Eric, We are really surprised of comments that Yoybuy is one of most trusted names in industry. In our eyes it only means that other companies are super bad or you have not read enough comments of them from internet. I read your pages before trying to make business with them and honestly spoken making business with Yoybuy was clearly the worst experience with Chinese people what we have met. It is not only the high prices but really poor professionality in every part of their business starting the funcionality of their pricing system and total reluctance to answer to any question which we placed. We are 99% sure that those people who have given 5 stars to them have not even checked that prices were right. We are so tired to Yoybuy that we just send the same story to all available pages where reviews can be given in meaning to save other people money:
“How is it possible that someone has been so lucky that they have managed to do successful business with this company. From us everything went below all margins. We ordered 5 items from them and soon noticed that we have to cancel our order. Unluckily one item was already ordered by them. That item was two months in their store and when it was sent to another agent, who arranged transport, the item was in unacceptable condition. Our agent sent it back. They refused to pay our money back and offered points couple of times and then different amount of RMBs. We refused to take points and etc but just wanted our money back. They never answered to our any question, just changed the “bid” and asked our acceptance. After their last bid they closed case without telling us first. A professional studied the case and when I sent her comments to Yoybuy, they just answered that case is closed, that’s all. I’m quite sure that those who have given positive comments, didn’t check that prices were like said in original pages. We noticed that their system is not updating all prices when you choose products from original seller’s page. So be prepared that first invoice is not correct and you have to pay more what you though. They take over 10% profit already when they change cny to USD. Then they take 10% fee from everything. Their freight costs are 3…4 times bigger than by others and even from those prices they take 10% profit. It is sick that they force you to use their services with unreasonable prices and then take profit from that. They could call that “business” but we use another word. They are even so sly and cheeky that before you can make payment to them, they ask you to send your photo and copy of credit card although VISA show green light for payment. We refused to send that information because it is totally forbidden by bank. We regret that we tried to do business with them. They still have our money in their account and they refuse to discuss about it. We have been in contact with two other buying agents and they are from another planet, really good and friendly service. Everyone can of course do business with who they want but if you want to get troubles, loose money, burn your nerves, please contact Yoybuy.”

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