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Alipay Account Verification for Foreign Users

Verifying your account helps for a few reasons.

  • You can send and receive money from other alipay users.
  • You can open a store on taobao.com as a foreigner.
  • Verifying adds a layer of security to your account.

Once you’ve officially been verified by the system, your account will display a blue check mark to show you’ve verified your account.

Things you need to prepare for verification.

1. A copy of your passport.(biographical page+stamped page)

2. Bank card issued by banks located in China Mainland.

(Note: You can not use bank cards issued by China bank branches in your country to verify your alipay account.)

Here is a guide on how to open China bank accounts as a foreigner.

The process for verifying Alipay account

1. Log in to your www.alipay.com account

click “Manage Account” – “Account Setting” – “Basic Information” – “Verify Now”.

2. Click “Verify Now(立即认证)”.

3. Fill in your personal information as required

护照 means passport

4. fill in your bank card information

5. Upload your passport scan

6. Submitted successfully,Verification will be completed in 24 hours.

7. Once the verification is approved, you will then have a verified real-name account.

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152 thoughts on “Alipay Account Verification for Foreign Users”

  1. Hello, I’m try to get my account vertified for a refund, but I don’t have a card that’s from the banks you mentioned. How can else can I vertify it then?

    1. Basically, you will need a card that issued by bank that located in china in order for real name verification.

      I recently also facing the same problem. The seller is compensating a small amount for my purchase due to item that I purchase not in the perfect condition. For my scenario, the seller is using the feature of transfer instead of getting through the actual refund process. If you case is similar to myself, what you need to do in order to accept the transfer in successful is to click on the notification from alipay app and click on valification, then select type of document and document id.

      I managed to accept the transfer into my alipay account. But yet to use the amount for my next purchase. Not sure it can be done or not.

  2. HI i have a registreted alipay account that i use regulary in china mainland with no problem. Problem is that now i am back home (in france) for holidays , where i got my phone stolen. I bought a new phone and downloaded the alipay app, but now i can’t access my account as they ask to send me a text message to my chinese number, for the id verification, which of course doesn’t work in france, so i can’t connect to my account therefore can’t access my money.
    Is there any otherway i can do the id verification?! email or add a french number…?
    Thanks for your answer.

  3. Thanks for a very useful post. It helps pin down the issue for me: Cannot verify identity without a mainland-located bank. Not even with an account at the Malaysian branch of Bank of China. Too bad. Real bummer.

    I guess even the recently-launched AliPay Malaysia will not work as a channel to verify identity at AliPay China?

  4. Hi Eric, I use to live in China for work a few years ago (currently based in UK) I still have my ICBC account there, when I registered the card with alipay it asks for a mobile number (I assume this needs to be a local Chinese mobile.) Problem is that I stopped using my china mobile number which I registered my ICBC account with. Does that mean I need to go back to china, get a new mobile number then go to the bank branch in china to provide them with a update a new mobile number?

    Another option for me is to use a Hong Kong bank account, are HK residents able to order from 1688.com using their HK bank accounts via alipay HK? Sorry about the long text above, thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated.

  5. My company would like to have a company’s verified Taobao account. We currently do not have any bank accounts in China. And the limited amount of money in our account or how much money are we allowed to spend a month or a year. Thanks a lot

  6. Hello Eric,
    I am a Vietnamese. I want Verifying my account but I doesn’t see the choice 护照, I just see the choice 身份证。 Now, can you recommend some idea to help me verify my alipay account?

    I have Vietnamese passport

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