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Alipay Account Verification for Foreign Users

Updated on October 8, 2019

Verifying your account helps for a few reasons.

  • You can send and receive money from other alipay users.
  • You can open a store on taobao.com as a foreigner.
  • Verifying adds a layer of security to your account.

Once you’ve officially been verified by the system, your account will display a blue check mark to show you’ve verified your account.

Things you need to prepare for verification.

1. A copy of your passport.(biographical page+stamped page)

2. Bank card issued by banks located in China Mainland.

(Note: You can not use bank cards issued by China bank branches in your country to verify your alipay account.)

Here is a guide on how to open China bank accounts as a foreigner.

The process for verifying Alipay account

1. Log in to your www.alipay.com account

click “Manage Account” – “Account Setting” – “Basic Information” – “Verify Now”.

2. Click “Verify Now(立即认证)”.

3. Fill in your personal information as required

护照 means passport

4. fill in your bank card information

5. Upload your passport scan

6. Submitted successfully,Verification will be completed in 24 hours.

7. Once the verification is approved, you will then have a verified real-name account.

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177 thoughts on “Alipay Account Verification for Foreign Users”

  1. Hello Eric,
    There are two Chinese banks in my country, ICBC and Bank of China. Can use these two bank to verify my Alipay account? I have tried to contact them but they didn’t answer.

  2. Hi Eric:
    Since last week I am not able to pay taobao purchases using Alipay. I was asked to submit doc for verification. Problem is i created the Alipay account using my IC number.

    When I submitted my IC , it said wrong doc. I think it expects a passport page.

    When I submitted my passport, it said doc number not matching, since my passport no is diff from IC no.

    How to solve this problem?


  3. Hi Eric, I hv taobao account been using AXS to top up my account. Recently it has no more top up service already, now been trying to do ID verification on 支付宝 but then not successful for many many times . May i know wat’s the problem? Need yr help n advices, thanks!

  4. Jerry Wong sing non

    I already registered alipay account n have the balance amount in account.but, can’t use for doing payment.Due to verification not complete yet. cause by failure to add in debit card.
    Is can add on any Malaysia local bank debit card no or saving account number for verification?

  5. Jones Prabowo

    I tried payment using overseas credit card but always failed. The message was: “your personal info cant be verified by alipay security, pls make sure to fill it in accurately. Do I miss anything in the process? I thought it was caused by mobile no format for them to send otp by sms. I tried +country code number or country code space number ; both failed. Any idea what went wrong?

  6. Hi Eric….
    I can’t log into taobao account through my Alipay . What I get is….. account has been restricted. When I try using my phone number it doesn’t also work.
    My Alipay account is verified.

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