They are not honest about the shipping prices. I wanted …

Comment on Bhiner Review:Is Bhiner a Reputable Taobao Agent in 2015? by Poshum.

They are not honest about the shipping prices. I wanted to order from 3 different sellers. Items were super light weight, under 100g in total. Bhiner wanted me to pay domestic shipping fee of 4$ to first seller, 4$ to the second and 5.50$ to the last one (although that one had least amount of items). That sounded unreasonable so I went on TaoBaoRing and was quoted domestic shipping 2$ each. Even though their exchange rate and service fee were higher, I still got a better price which is almost half of what Bhiner wanted me to pay. I already imagine what price I could have ended up paying for the international shipping and I’m glad I did not order with them.

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