I like sgshop give me what I buy from Taobao …

Comment on SGshop Review: Is It a Safe and Good Singapore Taobao Agent? by granstar.

I like sgshop give me what I buy from Taobao in China and Amazon USA. Sometime the shipment take longest time them normal time. And even the operator do not replying my answer when I need assistance from sgshop. I still use sgshop for what I need and still accept sgshop. untill my nightmare come. this is the first time unable to bear it what’s kind of Taobao agent company is service to their regular customer.
When a business is operate, everyone know address is importance to business partners and customer. And sgshop change his USA shipping address in May 2017 just put on their notices on website. No information give to existing customer. The trouble come from here.
On March 2017, I bought health food from Amazon USA, my health food arrived Singapore and received in good condition. Even the shipment take longer time then what I expected.
This July 2017, I place a repeat order with Amazon USA, when good arrived USA warehouse, I expected everything will be fine.
Unluckily this shipment didn’t reach me in Singapore after one month.
As usual, I call sgshop, reply like robot or answering machine. After I was out of town for one week. I call sgshop again to check my shipment. during this period no feedback was given. This time the operator ask me what USA address was given. I told her the existing address. She told me my address is wrong and give me the new address.
I was shot at that time, and lost my brain. How can I make this mistake. I Immediate hangup the phone. I go thru the order and check why this mistake was made and how to retreat my parcel.
I realise that mistake because sgshop change the address.
I call sgshop again, and why change of address was not inform. She say sgshop did announce in the notices at the website in May 2017. Sgshop do not responsible for this order. after a long dispute and explanation, she unwillingly said will ask USA to check the parcel. but not promise able to retreat the parcel.
From what I know from Amazon USA, This order had send to the old address.
Already two days gone, still no news from Sgshop. I had waited for one month already, I need the daily supplement and need to place a new order again.
Any one had problem with Taobao agent in Singapore must let others know, hope a new blogger only stream Taobao agent in Singapore.
Any one able to chose the best for service and ignore the bad one.

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