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Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

I am getting tons of requests for a detailed tutorial on Taobao consolidated shipping. In another post, I have stressed a whole lot about it, but it still seems that I don’t clarify myself enough.

Many beginners still are not clear what Taobao consolidated shipping is. So in this post, I will make an attempt to explain basics of Taobao consolidated shipping and how to use it.

# what you will learn from this post

  • #1 How does it work
  • #2 Does it support my country
  • #3 What is the shipping cost to my country
  • #4 What they cann’t ship
  • #5 How do they calculate the shipping fee
  • #6 Step by step guide to this service
  • #7 Two methods to contact the forwarder

#1 how does it work

Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping,also called Taobao Cargo,Taobao CSCL,is a Taobao official forwarding service for international buyers.

Step 1: First payment

You submit orders with this option selected and make the first payment for order value+domestic shipping fee from seller to China forwarder’s warehouse.

Step 2: Seller ship orders to forwarder warehouse

Seller will be shown the forwarder warehouse address with your unique ID on the order page and send orders to the forwarder warehouse.

Step 3: Warehouse receive your orders

Warehouse receive it ,weigh it,update you the weight and shipping fee from your account.

Step 4: Second payment

you can log in and make the second payment for the International shipping fee (from forwarder’s warehouse to your destination address).

they will consolidate and ship all your orders in one parcel to your address.

#2 Does it support my country

It currently supports 10 regions which are:

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, HongKong, Macau, Taiwan.

Shipping Methods Shipping Model Supported Areas:
Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping(集运) Air USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
Sea Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan

#3 what they cann’t ship

The short version

there are total 100+ types of items taobao will not ship abroad,most of them,we will never order it on taobao,so I listed 8 of the most common types of items that we usually mistakenly order:

1. Items exceed size or weight restriction:

Each forwarder has set a restriction for the max weight and size of the parcel they will accept,make sure your parcel are not too long or too heavy.

2. Food

tea, instant noodles, bamboo products, etc.;

3. Liquid, paste, powdered items:

Cosmetics like perfume,lipstick,foundation,nail polish,pencils,pens,alcohol,thermometer,ink etc..

4. Knife and Gun

survival knife,toy gun,water bb gun

5. Electronic device

humidifier,rice cooker,electric toy,vacuum cleaner,etc

6. Magnetic items or parts

Magnets, audio equipment such as audio, motors, speaker, compasses, coils, etc.

7. Battery and items with inbattery

Mobile phones, computers,powerbank,watches,lithium battery

8. Branded,fake,replica,counterfeit items

The full version

Here is the full list of prohibited items,if you are curious,you can go and take a look at it.

#4 How much does the shipping cost

Taobao to USA shipping cost

Taobao to Canada shipping cost

Taobao to Australia shipping cost

Taobao to New Zealand shipping cost

Taobao to Japan shipping cost

Taobao to Malaysia shipping cost

Taobao to Singapore shipping cost

If the actual weight or size of your package exceeds the permissible limit as stated in the form, it will likely be rejected at the warehouse, resulting in a delayed shipment.

Therefore, prior to making an order it is suggested that you check the package weight and size with the seller or forwarder via aliwangwang, so that a smooth shipping process can be ensured.

#5 How do they calculate the total shipping cost

the shipping fee

Your parcel will be charged by either actual weight or volumetric weight – whichever is greater. Volumetric weight is a value derived from the size rather than the weight of your parcel and may apply if your parcel is particularly large and contains relatively light items.

The volumetric weight calculation formula Taobao forwarder use is L * W * H / 6000 = KG

An example: Let’s say a parcel is 50cmx20cmx20cm and weighs 2.5 kg.

  • Multiply the dimensions together to get 20000.
  • Divide by 6000 to get 3.33, which rounds up to 3.5.
  • That means the volumetric weight for this parcel is 3.5kg. Because the actual weight is 2.5kg, you will be charged for 3.5kg on this parcel because it is the greater of the two (volumetric weight vs. actual weight), making 3.5kg the chargeable weight.

GST and Customs taxes

here is the chart of tax threshold and rate listed:


if you choose official air transport,A 5% GST will be charged in advance when you pay for the international shipping fee.

the service fee for remote areas

if you are from Hongkong,the will charge service fee for residential address(20 HKD) and remote areas(30 HKD).

#6 step-by-step tutorial on how to use it

the following is a step-by-step guide on how to use Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping:

Step 1: first payment

When making an order, please select or add a new address at the shipping address section, and then choose “”After the consignment(集运)” “.

taobao cargo

you can click “Modification Service Provider” to  choose your preferred forwarder based on their pricing and service standards.

After confirming your selection, proceed to payment and complete your order.

Step 2: Manage Your Parcel

Click [跨境物流管理(cross-border logistics management)] in the upper right corner of world.taobao.com homepage or click here

Step 3: Choose parcels to be consolidated

Now you will see your parcels that are waiting to be consolidated.

select products that you want to consolidate.The system will automatically calculate total weight(总重量) and the shipping fee(预计运费) of the consolidated goods, from the warehouse in China to your place.

After confirmation, click “One-click package settlement(一键合包结算)”.


The official holding time in the warehouse is 20 days. If your parcels stay in the warehouse for not more than 20 days, you won’t need to pay for any extra detention charges. Else, you will be charged 1 CNY per parcel per day.

Taobao Consolidated Shipping allows consolidation of up to 20 orders! If you have more than 20 orders, it is recommended that you split them into different batches of consolidation and make payment accordingly.

Note: you will not receive any notification when orders reach the forwarder’s warehouse,you are advised to download “淘宝Lite” from App Store or Google Play. The “Logistics Helper” in the app will automatically send you the notification.

Step 4: second payment

After consolidating your orders, check the shipping method and delivery address. Then click “Checkout(提交并支付)”.You will then be prompted to make the second payment.

Now the international shipping fee payment settled. Check the status closely and wait for your parcels.

#7 How can I contact the forwarder

There are two ways to get in touch with them,first is by aliwangwang,second is by livechat. they can understand and speak a litte English,so make sure you use simple and plain words.

aliwangwang with the forwarder

On the [物流订单(Logistics Order)] tab, click on the blue icon to consult with the forwarder Customer Service.

livechat with forwarder

Click the following forwarder link to have a livechat with them,if you are not sure which forwarder you are using,check it from this page.

United States 官方空运 佳成国际 中山速递
Canada 官方空运 佳成-UPS 中山速递
Australia 官方空运 官方海运 官方直送
New Zealand 中通秀驿ZTO 4PX
Japan 4PX
Singapore 官方直送 官方空运 官方海运
Malaysia 官方直送 官方空运 官方海运
Hong Kong 官方配送服务 顺丰速运 官方直送
Macau 顺丰速运 官方直送
Taiwan 官方直送 官方空运 4PX
顺丰速运 圆通速递 官方海运

That’s all. I hope that this post helped you understand consolidated shipping at a better level.Please leave a comment below, and let me know what you think!

You may also want to see step by step ordering from taobao guide for beginners.

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516 thoughts on “Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping”

  1. Hi Eric, I have a quick Q,

    do you know if you buy things from two different sellers, can the items be shipped together or is it forced to be separate (like tenso/buyee)? Thanks!

  2. Hi Eric, regarding ‘Stage 2: From China Forwarder’s Warehouse To Buyer

    Step 1: After settling the payment, check the shipping status from “Purchased Items(已购买的宝贝)”. When the “Pay for international shipping(支付转运费)” button appears, click it.’

    How come my (支付转运费)” button didnt appear? How do i checked whether i chose the consolidated taobao cargo? If not what do i do?

    1. how long have you been waiting?you need to contact your forwarder to check this issue.and if not,most of the seller won’t ship directly to you.you can simply cancel this order asap.

  3. Hi Eric,

    I am attempting to purchase a handwash liquid from Taobao Global. I can go through the entire process, but I am unsure if they will ship to the US and how to get it shipped to the US if they do not. Please assist.

  4. Hi Eric,

    I have ordered something using TAOBAO and have been following the tracking. However, I just received this tracking update: 【中国】[中山市]中山南头派件员:姚一江 18938788977正在为您派件 Could you tell me what this means? Thank you!

    1. it means the courier is sending your parcel to the warehouse now.how long have you seen this status?if it ‘s been there for a long time,you should contact the seller.this is not a good sign.

  5. The seller said she is unable to send the parcel to my Singapore address as it is in English. How am I going to translate the address to Chinese? I read your post that there are 2 stages in ordering. But I have already placed order without the Taobao Cargo. Am I able to make any changes now in order to consolidate the order for shipment?

    1. I agree that there are 2 stages in ‘shipping’. Up to the final warehouse, b4 Chinese customs, is local air way bill and local freight already included. When airfreight or sea freight is paid a new ‘shipping’ airway bill no. or international delivery no. is generated

      1. With International Delivery Order no. is given use DEX tracking (google it) for the ‘international’ part. Dispatched from final warehouse to clearing China customs is considered international. Dispatched to destination does not mean exactly that. It can take 2 days for the consolidation to take place. So from dispatch to destination to arrival in Singapore can take 2 to 2.5 days, by AIR. Remember this is NOT we real time. The plane could have arrived SGP many hours ago, but its the keying into the system of that particular parcel that counts

        1. Lazada shipping is not that bad. I once bought a 12″ Chang Hong ‘karaoke’ type sound box, 7kgs and quite bulky, container ships are quite fast. From Guangzhou to SGP could be quite a few ports of call in between, maybe Ho Chi Minh and other ports. I estimate the sea part to be about 10 days to 2 weeks. The parcel arrived faster than 3 weeks by sea projected.

  6. Hi Eric,

    Can you help me? I received this message from Taobao tracker, “【集运】很抱歉,您的包裹因不可转运原因无法正常入库,请速与佳成集货商联系”.

  7. Nicole Berryhill

    Hi Eric! I recently sent you a message explaining this issue but I decided to comment also. Last night all of my items except one arrived at the warehouse and when i went to check the freight settlement the shipping was a whopping 178 yuan for a parcel that weighed 1.816 kg. I’ve purchased from Taobao 3 times now with no issues and the last parcel order i made weighed 2.5 kg and the shipping was only 156 yuan. Also, the first 1.0 kg price has suddenly jumped from 85 yuan to 90 yuan since yesterday. Also, instead of the usual 22 yuan per 0.5 it is now apprently 44 yuan. My attempts to get in contact with a customer service representive has been unsuccessful. I tried to use the live chat option you listed here on your blog but it said that it was unavailable. I also tried to use the smart robot self help option but it said it didn’t recognize my questions. PLEASE HELP.

  8. Hi Eric. I was wondering what the difference is between doing Taobao Cargo and “contact the seller shipped”? I have only purchased from taobao once with the cargo option and I really didn’t expect the price for shipping to equate to $12 for a $5 item. I was wondering if the “contact the seller shipped” would be any different? Thanks!

    1. “contact the seller shipped” means you have to talk with the seller for international shipping.the shipping fee could be expensive or they will not ship it to you.so I do not recommend this option.

      1. It depends on the shipping method. For example, most AliExpress sellers use one of international China small carriers like 4PX etc, which is also used as official “AliExpress shipping method”. Other use China Post Small Package (weight up to 2KG), and can add $2 tracking number. If the parcel is large, many sellers would ship via local consolidator companies, who has discount prices with large international carriers like DHL, UPS, etc. So shipping fee may depend greatly on the seller’s knowledge of logistics. It will be higher, if the seller ships directly via a large carrier like DHL. A Buyer can also research available options and try helping the seller to choose the cheaper one, since many Taobao sellers aren’t used to ship internationally.

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