Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping

Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping,also called Taobao Cargo,Taobao CSCL,is a Taobao official forwarding service for international buyers.It currently supports six countries which are USA,Canada, Australia,New Zealand,Singapore and Malaysia.

How much does the shipping cost

Country Forwarder Local Courier First kg(RMB) Next 0.5kg(RMB) Size Limit Weight Limit
USA JCEX Jiacheng International UPS 110 26 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
JCEX Jiacheng International USPS 82 22 Single Side: ≤152cm
Total: ≤274cm
Zhongshan courier EMS/DHL 105 25 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
Canada JCEX Jiacheng International UPS 112 26 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
Zhongshan courier USPS/DHL 115 26 Single Side: ≤150cm
Total: ≤300cm
Australia ZTO/COE/秀驿物流/中通 Toll 85 26 Single Side: ≤150cm
Total: ≤220cm
4PX Toll 85 28 Single Side: ≤105cm
Total: ≤185cm
佳成JCEX Jiacheng International Toll 75 20 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
New Zealand ZTO/COE/秀驿物流/中通 Toll 106 29.5 Single Side: ≤150cm 30kg
4PX Toll 110 30 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
Singapore 4PX Singapore post 43 12 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
popstation 43 12 ≤37*42*61cm 30kg
PRouter PRT Express 27 10 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤300cm
中通DPEX DPEX 39 11 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
递壹时DEX MSC Delivery 28 11 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
West Malaysia PRouter PRT Express 23 10 Single Side: ≤150cm 80kg
DEX MSC Delivery 24 10 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
4PX Airpak Express 35 14 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
ZTO/COE/中通秀驿 SKYNET 32 11.5 Single Side: ≤150cm
Total: ≤220cm
East Malaysia PRouter PRT Express 35 16 Single Side: ≤150cm 80kg
DEX MSC Delivery 34 15 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤150cm
4PX Airpak Express 43 21 Single Side: ≤120cm
Total: ≤200cm
ZTO/COE/中通秀驿 SKYNET 41 18 Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
Sources: ,Data is current as of May 11, 2016.


1.  If the actual weight or size of your package exceeds the permissible limit as stated in the form, it will likely be rejected at the warehouse, resulting in a delayed shipment. Therefore, prior to making an order it is suggested that you check the package weight and size with the seller or forwarder via aliwangwang, so that a smooth shipping process can be ensured.

2.  If this is the first time you are using the shipping service, or should you encounter any problems during your use of the service, please consult with the forwarder’s customer service via aliwangwang by clicking on the forwarder’s name in the form below.

3.  If you are unable open the aliwangwang after clicking on the forwarder’s name, please click here to download aliwangwang and login using your Taobao ID. You can then connect instantly with the forwarder’s customer service.

How Taobao Consolidated Shipping Works

“Taobao Consolidated Shipping” is a two-stage shipping process, whereby the shipping fee is to be paid by two steps.

  • Stage 1: From seller to China forwarder’s warehouse
  • Stage 2: From China forwarder’s warehouse to buyer

the following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping:

Stage 1: From seller to China forwarder’s warehouse

Step 1: When making an order, please select or add a new address at the shipping address section, and then choose “Taobao Cargo”.

taobao cargo

Step 2: Click “modify” to  choose your preferred forwarder based on their pricing and service standards.



Step 3: After confirming your selection, proceed to payment and complete your order.

Stage 2: From China forwarder’s warehouse to buyer

Step 1: After settling the payment, check the shipping status from “Purchased Items(已购买的宝贝)”. When the “Pay for international shipping(支付转运费)” button appears, click it.


Step 2: Click “Orders to be consolidated(添加合并)” to select products that you want to consolidate.You’d see the number of days of  free storage(仓库免租还剩) you have left for each package.


The system will automatically calculate total weight(总重量) and the shipping fee(预计运费) of the consolidated goods, from the warehouse in China to your place. After confirmation, click “Consolidate Items(合并订单)”.


Step 3: After consolidating your orders, check the shipping method and delivery address. Then click “Checkout(提交并支付)”.You will then be prompted to make the second payment.

Step 4: Now Stage 2 shipping fee payment settled. Check the status closely and wait for your parcels.


The official holding time in the warehouse is 20 days. If your parcels stay in the warehouse for not more than 20 days, you won’t need to pay for any extra detention charges. Else, you will be charged RMB1 per parcel per day.

Taobao Consolidated Shipping allows consolidation of up to 20 orders! If you have more than 20 orders, it is recommended that you split them into different batches of consolidation and make payment accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

1) I have made my orders through consolidated shipping, but why have I not received my parcel?

After making your orders, and when the products have reached the forwarder, you’ll need to make a payment to the forwarder before the goods can be delivered to you. You can track your parcels at “Manage Consolidated Shipping” on the right of Taobao homepage, consolidate your orders and pay for the shipping fee.

2) Will I receive any notification when my parcel reaches the forwarder’s warehouse?

Yes. You are advised to download “Taobao Global App” from App Store or Google Play. The “Logistics Helper” in the app will automatically send you the notification.

3) How can I contact the forwarder?

here is the list of their contact information.

Online Chat
Zhongshan courier
JCEX Jiacheng International

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  1. Hi Eric, can i consolidate different packages shipping to different addresses in a country (ie, drop shipping)?

    • yes,you can select which packages you want to ship and where to ship it to.

  2. how do i figure out how much tax / customs duty i have to pay in the US? i am just buying clothes from taobao, nothing special

    • most of the time,you don’t have to pay tax or customs duty.

  3. what does ‘consignment being processed’ mean, and why did my item go through nyc clearance, than LAX, then nyc clearance again?
    tracking: 868301825 (JCEX)
    it is taking a long time to get this package, and before I didn’t ever have these troubles. Any help is appreciated.

  4. I have been using consolidated shipping for a long time, but now 4PX will not accept wigs in their shipments. Do you have any insight as to why this might be? ZTO Express is my only other available option to ship to Australia and I would like to contact them to see if they are the same in regards to wigs, but I can’t find their contact details on the consolidated shipping list.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Eric, when I try to pay for the international shipping, it does not accept my visa debit card, even though it accepted it before. Now my consolidated shipping time has expired because I couldn’t find a way to pay and I didn’t know how to cancel the transaction. I’m afraid I may have clicked something wrong because now I can not even find the ‘Return to Seller’ button. What should I do in this situation?

    • you should contact your forwarder for this situation,but don’t worry,the consolidated shipping time will never expire.

  6. Hi,
    If I buy different items using different forwarder company, would it still all be consolidated at the same warehouse before it ship to Singapore ? Thank you.

    • no because your items were shipped to different warehouse.

  7. DO NOT TRUST JCEX. They did not put a package (charged me for it) in my consolidation and refuses to admit it was their mistake. I told them I just want my package. They told me I had to pay for it again even though I paid for it the first time already. I then told them if they did not send me my package I would go through my visa and as for a refund. The costumer service told me to “do what you want do”.

    IF anything happens, just know, you are out of your items and your money!

  8. Hi there, thank you very much for your posting. May I ask, what if Taobao does not stated my province in the shipping option? What can I do for alternative method to ship to my adress? Hope you can help me. Thank you 🙂

    • if your province is not listed in the shipping option,that simply means they will not ship items to your you’d better find a taobao agent to purchase and ship it to you.

  9. Hey, Eric. Recently, I’ve just placed an order on Taobao for 13 different items and everything went perfectly fine until it got here to California. My tracking stopped and it says ‘LAX Clearance in Process’. It’s been for a couple of days now, and I’m afraid that it probably got seized by customs. I used USPS, and was wondering if there is a way to contact LAX or the forwarder. I didn’t purchase any counterfeits and I didn’t purchase 2 of the same things. Help please?

    • LAX Clearance in Process does not mean your parcel get seized,don’t worry.

  10. Hi Eric, I was informed by 4P to 取消合并订单 to remove an item as it is a 禁运item. How do I as what was advised ?

  11. Hi,

    If I pick UPS shipping from the JCEX forwarder, do you know if it is actually UPS that does the last leg of the delivery to my home? The problem I ran into when I chose USPS, is that the us postal service doesn’t require a signature upon delivery. I’m not at my home during the day so packages may get stolen (it has in the past). If it is actually UPS doing the last leg of the delivery, I can probably have it sent to a UPS store for pick up.

    Thank you

  12. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your useful article.
    I am from UK, Any advice on shipping from taobao as UK is not supported currently ?
    Are they going to support it in let’s say one year ? Or should I just look for an agent ?
    Any trusted agent to ship to UK ?

    Many thanks

  13. How long does it take to for a package from Taobao Consolidation to arrive in the US?


    • first create a return applicatino,then contact seller to ask fro the return address.

  15. Hi Eric,
    I’m from Malaysia and am using Dex+abx. May I know roughly how much do I need to pay for the second payment, from the forwarder warehouse to my address?

  16. Hi , I am from Romania/Europe , i already buy item from Taobao .
    Can find a way to ship to Romania ???

    • you can ship items to my address,and I will ship it to you.

      • Ok , thank you but how .
        They already ship my item somewhere in China :

        Waybill number: 437454780130 logistics company: in the courier service phone: 95311
        Seller nickname: I le wow lyy
        Delivery Address:
        Shaanxi Province, Xi’an Yanta District, please contact customer service 000000 Mr. Liu 13812345678
        Romania Street Vasile Goldis No.6 BlM41 Ap33 Et 8 Sect 3 \ r \ n \ r \ nBucharest \ r \ nRomania 032783 Il * 774 **** 2530

    • Hello Eric,

      I’m planning to buy a gym biKe from taobao.
      Say its 35kg.
      How much would It cost to have it shipped to east nalaysia?
      35 (1st kg) + (34 x 15 x 2).
      That would be 1055 yuan?


      • it is too heavey,exceed the weight limit of the forwarder,I am afraid they will not ship this item to you.

  17. Hi Eric,

    Purchased a couple things from Taobao, and local tracking shows it has already arrived in the warehouse. So far I haven’t gotten the option to pay for international shipping even when I go to official shipments it doesn’t give me the option to pay for shipping. Under the status it says “等待仓库签收”. Not really sure what do now. Any advice?

    thank you

    • “等待仓库签收” means the warehouse did not get your item,you should contact the seller asap to track your order.

      • Thank you, I sent a message to the seller, hopefully they can track and find my order. Would’ve been stuck if didn’t find your blog. Really helpful!

  18. Hello Eric, do you know any shipping company in Singapore does consolidation? I want to ship a 1.8kg coffee to Chengdu province, China. Look forward to your reply, thank you!

    • you can try sf express,their rate is not expensive.

  19. Hello dear
    Could i use the warehouse of taobao just for consolidation?
    And then i ask taobao to shipping it inside china to my friend agent to shipping the package to my country?

    • yes,you can click “return to seller” and input your friend address.they will ship all items to your friend.

  20. what’s the best taobao agent for Philippines? thanks!

  21. Hi,

    I have just ordered from taobao and used the Global consolidation and shipping. there were some items that taobao rejected, and one of the sellers contacted me and said that there was some problem with taobao, so she sent me another item to “purchase”. it was to “replace” the item that taobao rejected, where she will then change the price to be the item i was getting.

    So, now when i purchase the item it stated could not be selected for the Global consolidation and shipping, hence it has stated my home address instead of the warehouse’s address. But i have informed the seller to ship to the warehouse.

    Now, im wondering if an item that was not stated on [待集运订单], but is being shipped to the warehouse, would my item be shipped with the other items in one parcel?

    • no they won’t especially for items taobao rejected.

  22. Hi Eric,
    I’ve made payment of the second stage shipping fee to 4px. How can I check the status? Normally how long it takes for the items to arrive? I’m in Australia.

  23. Hello, can I know what courier service did they use to send the parcel to my address in West Malaysia? Is it Pos Laju only?

    • you can choose the forwarder and the courier service from the list above when placing order.

      • Hi, if I want to use direct shipping from Taobao to ship my parcel to West Malaysia, can I request them which courier service to use? I mean like can I request them to use Pos Laju instead of SkyNet?

  24. Hi!!! Eric

    I would like to ask if they thids global consolidation shipping can ship in Philiippines???


  25. Hi, thank you so much for posting this. May i ask, the size and weight limit is for per parcel that arriving into the warehouse or the whole big consolidated parcel?


  26. Do I have to buy from Taobao to use the consolidate shipping service?

  27. Hi eric, i have question,
    3 days ago i had bought an item with consolidate shipping and now still waiting for second payment.

    And now i’m thinking of buying another item, and if i buy the new item with consolidate shipping, thus the item will ship together with the item that i had bought 3days ago and does the shipping cost will be combine together?

    Thanks 😀

    • sure,that is what Taobao Consolidaition does.

  28. Hi. Can you tell me how to change the shipping address by using this consolations?
    ‘i have been used few times, and it was really good

    But I recently moved out to different place, and even I updated my home address, it seems like my package will ship to my old address.

    can you tell me how to fix this problem?

  29. Hi Eric,
    You mentioned about consolidating orders. Does that mean I can still purchase different items from different sellers. And the items that I purchased from different sellers would be sent to the warehouse and the warehouse would consolidate all the items from different sellers into one package?

    Also do I need to go to 4px website to register with them before I could use their services?

    Many thanks for your advice

    • yes,warehouse would consolidate all the items from different sellers into one package.and no,you don’t have to go to 4px website.

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