Taobao Global Direct Shipping

2fdc9979e97fbd3e52930f32077c064cTaobao Global Direct Shipping is a Taobao official forwarding service in Singapore and Malaysia areas. All you need to do is checkout all items in your shopping cart at once, select “Taobao Direct Shipping” and make payment, sit back and wait for your parcel to be delivered directly to you without having to undergo a consolidation process at the forwarder warehouse.

The biggest advantage of this service is you only have to make one-time payment including domestic + international shipping fee, so you won’t need to consolidate your orders and make any second payment – Fast and easy! Save time save money!

1. Shipping Rates for Taobao Global Direct:

Country Forwarder Local Courier Price starting from Size Limit Weight Limit
Singapore ZTO DPEX 39RMB Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
West Malaysia ZTO SKYNET 32RMB Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm
East Malaysia ZTO SKYNET 41RMB Single Side: ≤80cm
Total: ≤120cm

2. The detailed procedures:

Step 1: Make your order by selecting “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. If you are making multiple orders, it is recommended that you choose “Add to Cart” to consolidate all your items and make a lump-sum payment.

After clicking “Add to Cart” you will be told that the item has been successfully added, click “Proceed to Checkout” to consolidate all your items and make payment.

Step 2: Select the items that you want to consolidate, click “Checkout”.

Tips: Consolidation in shopping cart – you can only consolidate items listed on this page.

Step 3: After clicking “Checkout” you will enter the “select delivery address” page. Please select your Singapore or Malaysia address.

Tips: You may click on the upper right to “use a new address” and “manage delivery address”.

After confirming the address, click “Next” to confirm the direct shipping method.

Tips: You can see the domestic shipping fee and international shipping fee clearly shown on the right. It’s convenient! It’s money-saving and trouble free!

After confirming the shipping method, your selected items will be listed at the bottom of the page, along with the total amount to be paid.

Check the item information, amount, etc. and click “Submit Order” to enter the payment page.

Note: Certain products which are not eligible for Taobao Direct Shipping will be shown under the “Submit Order” button. These items will not be included in the calculation of the total amount!

Step 4: After clicking “Submit Order” you will enter Alipay payment page. Here you can choose to view other overseas versions. You are advised to check and verify all order details, and then select your payment method.

After making the payment, you may go to “Purchased Items” to check the order details. Don’t forget to check the delivery status very closely!

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  1. Hello Eric,

    This is my first time using Taobao and I’ve been using your instructions as a guide.
    I was hoping you could help to clarify something- I’ve used the Taobao Global Direct to ship to Singapore.

    All items have been received and stored by Taobao’s warehouse 5 days ago but as of yet, it has not been shipped. Status says: 等待出库.

    May I ask if this normal?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Eric,

    Has the direct shipping option been removed from Taobao (from Singapore here)? It is no longer reflected as one of my shipping options (only consolidated shipping is shown). Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Carissa, Im experiencing it here in Msia too. Does yours still doesn’t have direct shipping option?

  3. Hi eric. Want to enquire the global direct shipping limmit weight and size is for one item or is for consolidate item? Meaning the consolidate total item could not excced the weight and size limit?

    • it means for both one item and for consolidate item.

  4. Hi Eric, your site is useful and most appreciated, however, im not too sure about this. my total purchase is 2200 and the shipping fee to malaysia is written 28 and displayed a total of 2228. Is there any other charges other than this or this is the net price i pay?

    店铺合计(含运费): ¥2200.00
    海外段运费: ¥28.00
    宅配(淘宝直送): ¥28.00
    实付款Order Total: ¥ 2228.00

    • this is the total price you pay.but the shipping fee is not accurate sometimes.

      • if it is not accurate, is it a big difference? the total weight for this item is 55kg. How do i pay if they revised the price? Do I pay them when the shipments arrived or pay via the taobao’s apps?

          • Hi Eric, it says the shipping fee is valid for items below 60kg and height below 130cm. Will they still reject shipment if the item is still under these condition? Thank you very much for taking time to reply.

          • ok,then they will not reject it.

  5. Thank god for this site! Just wondering, I submitted my order on my desktop and selected payment method (my MASTER card). However, there was and error with payment and they redirected me to my alipay account and under the remarks for all my items “等待付款”. Thn I tried paying once again through my mobile Taobao app and there was an error again but this time there was a pop up that says “信用卡可用额度不足,请更换其他付款方式”. Checked my credit card limit and it is $2000SGD and my total buy is only $700SGD. Do you perhaps have a solution?

  6. Hi Eric,

    Just wanted to confirm you on the below:-

    1) Say if i go with Taobao Global Direct Shipping, does it consolidate all the items from different sellers at the warehouse before it shipped out to the international destination?

    2) What is the holding period of the items in the warehouse? i have ordered 5 items from different sellers. All 4 items have reached the warehouse except for one which has not been shipped by the seller

    3) There is this option to confirm receipt in the account page. Do i need to confirm it?

    • HI,Alex


      2.holding period means free storage time in the warehouse.

      3.ignore that option,useless to international buyers.

  7. Hi Eric, i am planning to get a Car OBD reader adapter from taobao…is this consider as ekectronic? It allowed me to complete the purchase but i m not sure if it will face any issues.
    Also what will happen if my parcel exceeded the size allow?

    • yes,it will be consider as electronic,and they willreject it if your parcel exceeded the size allow.

  8. Hi Eric,

    Can I not use Taobao Global Direct Shipping and ask for a refund of the fees charged since I’ve already contacted SF Express and they will be doing the delivery for me? Reason is because the seller was initially not willing to send to Singapore. It was only after I told them that I will use SF Express then they are willing to transact with me.

    Thanks for your help in advance 🙂

    • you can cancel your current your order and place a new order.actually you don’t have to contact the seller about the shipping.the seller only have to ship items to taobao forwarder warehouse in China,they don’t have to ship abroad.

      • Thank you for your reply Eric. So that means there is no option in Taobao to use our own preferred shipper to deliver to Singapore?

        • yes,no direct option,but you can add your shipper address as the delivery address in taobao.

  9. hi eric…why everytime i login it will ask for verification number thru SMS?quite hard for me as i do not know how to read in chinese…

  10. Hi Eric, when I’m at the cart out page, there’s only consolidated shipment and direct shipment by seller. I can’t seems to find the global direct shipment option!

  11. Hi Eric, what is a warehouse? Is there an address I have to add for warehouse if I am using global direct shipping? I thought it would straightly come to my country’s address not through warehouse??

    1. SO it’s I write my address as Hong Kong
    2. Items go to the warehouse (but don’t have to pay more for the warehouse sending it to my place right?)
    3.Then items come to my country’s adress

    • if you use global direct shipping,you don’t have to add an address for it,items will be sent directly to your HongKong address.and yes,you don’t have to pay more for the warehouse if you use global direct shipping.

  12. I just wanted to leave a comment that you’re so awesome to do all these tutorials and answer all the questions people leave behind even though you’re not exactly affiliated or earning from all these. kudos!!

  13. Hi, can i use taobao global direct shipping for “bubbles”?

    • what kind of bubbles?you’d better send this question to ZTO,they will tell you whether they can ship it or not.

  14. Hi eric,

    My package is stucked in Taobao warehouse, The seller said it is already signed but its been a week now and the tracking is not moving, the seller said they dont know the phone number of taobao warehouse so they cannot contact them, what should I do next? Thanks a lot!

  15. hi eric,

    do u know what this mean?
    why my package been store in the warehouse
    im purchased using taobao global direct shipping.

    发货方式: 快递
    物流公司: 韵达快递
    运单号码: 3956010151735
    2017-04-01 10:33:15您的订单开始处理
    2017-04-01 11:16:32您的订单待配货
    2017-04-01 11:35:28您的包裹已出库
    2017-04-01 20:10:50在广东海丰县公司进行揽件扫描
    2017-04-01 20:58:50在广东海丰县公司进行下级地点扫描,即将发往:广东东莞网点包
    2017-04-02 03:24:04在分拨中心广东东莞分拨中心进行称重扫描
    2017-04-02 03:53:03从广东东莞分拨中心发出,本次转运目的地:广东东莞沙田公司
    2017-04-02 08:19:59在广东东莞沙田公司进行派件扫描;派送业务员:中通中集仓;联系电话:13757398149
    2017-04-02 11:11:44您的包裹已由中通集运仓库签收
    2017-04-02 11:11:44您的包裹已在中通集运仓库正常入库

      • i have 2 item in the same order but another one has been delay because stock issue & has been notify by you know how can i proceed the delivery for this item first without have to wait for the other one?who should i contact to proceed?

  16. hi eric,

    if i make purchased using taobao global direct shipping i dont need to make another international
    delivery charge right?

    but why is my item store in the warehouse for quite sometimes?

    yet no notice from taobao to saying any problem regarding the item.


    • yes,with taobao global direct shipping,you don’t have to make international delivery long has it been there?sometimes there is a delay if they are having too many orders.

  17. Hi eric,

    May i know why i cant find taobao global direct shipping anymore? i have buy thru this method and also global consolidated. but today when i want to purchase taobao global direct, it only show two option global consolidated and seller shipping.

  18. So is this method cheaper than using an agent (4PX) and Taobao Global Consolidation Shipping?

  19. I intend to buy mini hair curler. Can i buy it using TGDS? Thanks

      • Hi Eric, may I ask why the mentioned hair curler will not be shipped out by TGDS?

        Are there specific items that we can’t buy from Taobao?

  20. Hi Eric! Your blog has been very informative, thank you!! I used taobao direct shipping for the first time, am trying to track my waybill number on the ZTO website but the site doesn’t have record of the number! Do you know if the courier service works on weekends? The status on Taobao has not moved for a few days, since all my items arrived, it still says:包裹正在等待揽收 or 卖家发货. Does this mean it has shipped out or is it still in the warehouse?

    • 包裹正在等待揽收 means item has not shipped out to the warehouse yet.
      卖家发货 means item has shipped out to the warehouse.

  21. Im buying over rmb 5k and received my parcel with empty item inside.Buy from few seller and forwarder (zto) help me to consolidate the item and send it over to me(west malaysia).The item seems like to be stolen and left empty box,any idea they will fully compensate my losses or i will have to bear for it?

  22. Hi eric,
    I have a problem, i bought a lot of small items from seller and using taobao direct shipping, the package reached warehouse and showing size 53 x 53 x 45cm. I just read that the package L+H+W should not more than 120cm in total. There is no messages from them for now. In this case is my package will not be delivered to sg? What do you think i should do? Thanksss

  23. Hello, Eric
    May I know if we want to buy power bank and other sensitive items, do we pay extra fee? and how should we pay it? (due to there’s no sensitive item shipping while ordering)
    Thank you!

    • you can not buy buy power bank and other sensitive items from taobao using Taobao Global Direct need to find a agent that can ship those items to you.

    • you can not buy buy power bank and other sensitive items from taobao using Taobao Global Direct need to find an agent that can ship those items to you.

  24. I have a tracking number P000006861434. This indicates that the shipment arrived in the destination country (U.S.) on Dec 26, 2016. I have not received it in Arizona on Jan 23, 2017. Can it be tracked further?

    • you need to contact your forwarder to track this order.

  25. Hello Eric, may i know is the price for postage (32 RMB ), is it for first kg we buy or it’s maximum till 60kg? Thank you

  26. Hi Eric, so apparently the seller sent out my stuff late and it arrived late at the taobao warehouse. They sent my other stuff to me already because they arrived earlier at the warehouse. How can I contact them to check the status of my remaining items that is currently at the warehouse?

  27. Hi Eric, I created the TaoBao account but couldn’t find “Singapore” for shipping address creation (only China, HK/Macau, Malaysia and Others). Pls advise.

    • first select “others”,then find “新加坡” from the list.

  28. Hi Eric, I chose direct shipping option and checked on the delivery status. My package had been received and signed according to the status but I haven’t received the parcel. Where can I get the tracking number? Are all packages delivered by Skynet once they reached Malaysia? Thank you!

  29. Hi Eric, it’s my first time order from taobao and I chose the direct shipping option. I bought 5 items, 4 out of 5 already reached the warehouse. I just wanted to know if they will only ship the items from warehouse after all the items arrived at the warehouse or they will ship it separately?
    Thank you!

    • for direct shipping option, they will only ship the items from warehouse after all the items arrived at the warehouse

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