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How to Request a Refund on Taobao

This post shows you how to request for a refund at Taobao. If you have purchased a wrong item or no longer wish to have it, you may request for a refund through the following details.

Depending on the time of shipment and the conditions in which the goods are received, You may request for a refund anytime before or after a transaction is made. Refunds can be made via the following two methods, depending on the status of your order:

Refund from “Return/Refund(退款/退货)”

If this option is available, it means that the seller has not received the fund. The status of the order is “payment has been made” and “goods have been shipped.” You may immediately request for a refund.

Refund from “After-sales application(申请售后)”

The seller has received your payment and the order status shows “completed successfully”: Within 15 days of a successful transaction, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the goods you received, you may request for a refund or return via the “After-sales application.”

Part 1. Refund from “Return/Refund(退款/退货)”

Step 1. Find the item

Find the item that you want to return, click: Refund/Return(退款/退货)

Step 2. Select the type of refund:

Return and refund: there are items to be returned to the seller, click: Return and refund(退货退款)  ;

Refund only: no item is to be returned to the seller, click: Refund only(仅退款).

Return and refund(退货退款)

Application condition: If there is a problem with the goods, or if you no longer want the goods and have reached a compromise with the seller for a return, please select the “Return and refund” option.

Return procedures: 1. Request for a return. >2. The seller sends a return address to the buyer. >3. The buyer returns the goods and fills out the details of the shipment. >4. The seller receives the goods, refund completed successfully.

Fill out form: after clicking “return and refund”, you will see the above page. Two fields are required(* means required): Reason for return/refund(退货退款原因) and refund amount(退款金额).

Field 1: Reasons for refund include:

  1. The seller sent the wrong item(卖家发错货).
  2. Faulty parts(配件故障).
  3. Malfunctions(性能故障).
  4. Scratched or broken upon arrival(收到商品时有划痕或破损).
  5. Pirated goods(假冒品牌).
  6. Screen display problems(屏幕故障).
  7. Product not-as-described(版本不符).
  8. Missing functions(功能缺失).
  9. Not satisfied/dislike(效果不好/不喜欢).
  10. Others(其它).

You may choose one that is closest to your situation.

Field 2: Refund amount: use the default refund amount.

After filling out the form, just click “Submit application(提交申请)”.

Refund only(仅退款)

Application condition: If you have not received the goods, or if you have received the goods but have reached a compromise with the seller for a refund without returning the goods, please select the “Refund only” option.

Return procedures: 1. Request for a refund. >2. The seller accepts your application. >3. Refund completed successfully.

On this page, you will need to fill out this form.

Field 1. Have you received the goods(是否收到货): not received(未收到货) or already received(已收到货).

Field 2. If you select “not received”, the reasons for refund(仅退款原因) include:

  1. Empty parcel / incomplete空包裹/少货.
  2. Haven’t received any delivery(快递一直未送到).
  3. Ordered too much / wrongly ordered / no longer want it(多拍/拍错/不想要).
  4. Goods were not shipped on time(未按约定时间发货).
  5. No tracking record of the shipment(快递无跟踪记录).
  6. Others(其它).

Field 3. If you select “already received”, the reasons for refund include:

  1. The seller sent the wrong item(卖家发错货).
  2. Faulty parts(配件故障).
  3. Malfunctions(性能故障).
  4. Scratched or broken upon arrival(收到商品时有划痕或破损).
  5. Pirated goods(假冒品牌).
  6. Screen display problems(屏幕故障).
  7. Product not-as-described(版本不符).
  8. Missing functions(功能缺失).
  9. Not satisfied/dislike(效果不好/不喜欢).
  10. Others(其它).

Part 2. Refund from “After-sales application(申请售后)”

1. Login to: “My Taobao” – “Purchased items”, find the relevant order and click “After-sales applications(申请售后)”:

2. Choose your desired type of application:

  • Return & Refund (退货退款)
  • Refund only (仅退款)
  • Exchange(换货)
  • Repair(维修)


Taking “Refund only” as an example: After selecting “Refund only”, you’ll need to check whether “You have received the goods” and fill out the relevant information as instructed (the same as Part1). After that, click “Submit application.”


Note: You can only claim a refund via “After-sales applications” within 15 days from the time payment has been released to the seller.After 15 days, you will need deal with the seller via aliwangwang.

Part 3. Check the refund status

The buyer may enter “My Taobao >> Manage Refund(退款管理)” and find the refund amount at “My refund applications”. Click “check” to enter the refund details page, where you can check the time reminder.

If the seller does not respond to your request within 5 days, the system will automatically approve your application by default. If you have selected to “return and refund”, then you will need to return the goods. Whereas if there is no returning of goods needed, you will receive the amount of refund as stated in your application.

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  1. I was advised by seller to cancel earlier order as I have accidentally selected to ship to Guang Zhou, instead of direct delivery. Will the full amount of the purchase (including the Visa service fee) be refunded back to my credit card? Any other things doi need to look out.? Seller advised my to cancel the order and placed another one and select to ship direct to Singapore. Just wanted to be sure that I will get my refund. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Ive encountered a problem

    So I requested a after sales refund for a pair of shoes,
    After ive already payed for the shipping and on taobao tracking it says that the shoes
    are on its way here but the tracking hasnt updated since I put in the refund request and is stuck at
    “Import Received” I was wondering will the shoes still arrive here because the seller has requested that I returned the goods first but tracking hasnt updated in a week and I have no idea where the shoes are
    Also, I was wondering will taobao refund the shipping cost aswell?


    • when you see “Import Received”,that means your parcel has been received by someone,if you input the correct address for return,the seller should receive your items now.so you ‘d better contact this seller to make sure he got your items and thus get a refund.

      yes,taobao will refund shipping cost.

  3. Hi Eric,

    I just recently found out that the JCEX warehouse do not ship motors.

    When I contacted the seller they said the following:


    It seems like they are suggesting changing courier, but after talking to three differently forwarding services they seem to be hard set on the motors prohibition.

    How open are sellers open to returns based on technical issues like this? is it seller by seller?

    Thank you

  4. Seller has no available stock and so I cancelled the order which I have paid. Will the 2.5% visa charges by Visa be refunder as well?
    I notice there is a service charge refunded, but what is it?

  5. Hi Eric,
    I was order 7 items, but than the seller refund me 1 item money. . Due to no stock. I was paid by credit card But until now I still never see this refund money back in my account.

  6. Hi Eric,

    I placed an order in mid February and my item was rejected from Warehouse and warehouse suggested I return item to seller. The “Return/Refund” option wasn’t available in my order details. I tried clicking on “After sales application” and got message saying “您已错过了申请售后的时间段”. What should I do?

  7. Hi Eric ! ive a question.. ive requested the refund and taobao status stated alr refunded into my bank acc but my pbe shows hold amount ? so which side i should call ? the taobao or pbe ?

  8. timothy washington

    Hey Eric, I ordered more shoes from Taobao. They make it to the warehouse. Under view logistics my order says Sorry, your parcel due to contraband reasons can not be properly warehousing, please contact the Zhongshan Zhongshan courier goods. Iv’e bought same model shoes but different colors from this same seller. Is this because they don’t sell certain items internationally or what?

  9. Hi Sir Eric, Im happy that I read your blog about how to refund.

    This is the scenario i bought item in taobao and the seller says its out of stock so i opt to refund my money soo this is where im getting confuse…. I use Visa Debit Card for my purchases in Taobao

    May I ask if my refund gets approved where does my money go?

    Does it go direct to my Visa Debit Card when they approved my refund?

    Thanks and Best Regards! More power Sir Eric!


  10. Hi Eric,

    Thank you very much for all the help with using Taobao that’s on your site—it’s been invaluable. However, I’ve just had to put in two refund-only requests (for some items I tried ordering before reading your instructions and without realising the credit card charge had gone through) and discovered that the Taobao process has changed, at least for the ‘refund only’ option. Among other things, refund requests now have to be resolved within two days rather than five, and the list of reasons has changed a lot from those you gave. Unfortunately, Chrome doesn’t translate drop-down menu items, so without Chinese selecting a reason is treacherous. I had to choose ‘other’ (which was unchanged) in order to submit valid requests.

    Would you be able to update this page to reflect the current Taobao refund protocol? It would be very useful if you could.

  11. Hey Eric,

    After I bought 3 items from a seller, I refunded 1 of the items and I got the money back and it was successful. Now I want to pay the international shipping and it says my orders from that seller are 3 items instead of two. Does this affect the weighing of my parcel as I’m not sure if they added the refunded item’s weight to my package.

    Do I need to somehow remove the item from my list or don’t worry about it?
    I only have the option of deleting the whole order with all the 3 items not only deleting the refunded item.

    Thank you 🙂

  12. Hi Eric,

    Maybe same question

    I have paid via online banking, CIMB & MAYBANK

    Seller have approved my refund request and when i check the refund status, it need alipay verification. (i am from Malaysia)

    Or i can wait 16 days (refer above discussion) the money automatic return to the bank i use to pay the seller?

    Thank you!

  13. Hey Eric,

    I always check your website for advises. It’s my first time receive an item but after a few use, the item stop operating. Talked to the seller’s customer service. He asked me to send back to their factory which is not an option for me. Also told him I am from Malaysia but he said that is the only option. Please advise me on my case. Thanks 🙂

  14. Hello,

    i’ve submit my application for refund. now is at stage 3 – Refund Success.

    however, it mention my Alipay had authentication problem and cannot return the funds to my account. when i clicked to verify my authentication, they asked me to filled up bank card details (credit card) which i dont have. earlier i made payment using Maybank2u.

    please advice. thanks

  15. Hi, I’ve made refund application, and I was wondering where would the refund end up to?

  16. Hi, I am new to taobao and I need some help with the refund process. While the seller has approved my refund, I am unable to transfer it to my bank account as my Alipay account needs to be verified. However, I am unable to do so as I do not have a chinese bank account or identity (身份证). Is there a way to get around this? Thank you! 🙂

  17. I am now making a refund request for aftersale because they send me broken, fake items. The seller requires me to remove it or he will ignore. I asked him for explanation and evidences, he refused to do that until I removed it. Am i doing the right thing?

  18. my refund request is already a success but i haven’t receive the amount till now. it stopped at ‘refund sent to bank’ only. do i have to fill in any forms or something or the money will automatically go into my bank account? -from Malaysia-

  19. Hi Eric,

    Can you add info to your Guide on “Refund for items shipped overseas”? I had several issues with returns & refunds, when using Taobao Consolidated Shipping program. The program allows for purchased items to wait in the warehouse 20 days free until you buy more items and consolidate international parcel. Than it takes several days to process and ship the parcel, so its often delivered to a buyer 30 days after payment for some of the goods. By that time, is it possible to a) request refund for certain items; b) place negative feedback; c) return items to the seller?

    Also, where such items must be returned – to the Taobao warehouse or directly to the seller’s address? And if returned after Taobao deadlines, how the refund is processed?

    In my practice, due to high return shipping cost its seldom makes sense to return defective goods back to China. When a seller ships the item to a local buyer, its delivered in 2 days, and the buyer is advised to inspect the package before accepting it from the local courier. If not accepted, return shipping is “free”. In contrast, when a package is shipped to Taobao Consolidation Warehouse, its never properly checked for defects and missing parts, unless visibly broken. When its delivered abroad, its often way too late and prohibitively expensive to return.

    That’s why selecting a quality seller is very important. Overseas buyers should never buy from a seller with lowest price and low sale volume. Unless of course its a direct shop of the manufacturer, preferably on Tmall. Buy selected items in stores where most other people buy, and always read their feedback first. In addition, warn the seller upfront to ship only quality goods to avoid complaints. In my experience, almost half of the product categories, received via Taobao Consolidated Shipment, contained some incomplete or defective items, because sellers knew a foreign buyer will never ship it back, and would have difficult language and culture barriers to go through Taobao Claim process.

  20. Hi Eric,

    I have request a refund….which i using Public Bank ebanking to pay the seller….
    within the same day the seller done the refund request….
    may i know the money will refund to my bank account or where else??


  21. Hi Eric,

    I may have encountered a problem with refund. I made a purchase for the wrong address and have already paid on 13th September, so therefore I would have to claim a refund and start over, just like how the seller suggested as well. The problem is, I received the refund amount on 19th September listed as Pre-Auth Refund, and immediately after that is the debit of the same ammount. Why is this happening? I got my refund but out it goes again? P.s – 2 of my transactions are like this, and still being like this

  22. Hi Eric

    Not sure have you encounter such problems like mine before though I been shopping with TB for couple of years.

    I submitted a purchase, made a payment via e-nets. Purchase transaction auto close but my payment was deducted. Seller confirm did not receive the money and said it could be internet issues, was told to wait few days. My transaction was on 01 Aug, till now I received no refund whatsoever. How do I make contact with TB ?

    Appreciate your help, thanks.

  23. Hi Eric, I might need some help here. I am from Malaysia and Taobao charged me RMB260 at the warehouse for overweight package. But when it reached here, the package is only 7kg instead of 65kg. How can i request for a refund in this case?

    Thank you.

  24. hi, im frm malaysia
    I have a refund, but i dono where the refund going to,
    the status are already DONE success refund mode, but i dono where the money go to?
    Go go my account malaysia MBB? coz i making payment via online banking ?
    How , can i setting if seller refund, make it refund to my Alipay account or Taobao account itself? Can?

    • if the refund is issued after seller received your money,refund will be back to your alipay account.if refund is issued before you release money to the seller.money will be sent back to your bank account.it usually takes 3-5 business days.

  25. I’ve talked with the seller, and sent back an item using another form on another page ( I filled out the address form and paid for shipping to send from the warehouse back to the seller). It is currently in transit. Is it still necessary to fill out this refund request or not? When the seller gets the item will I automatically get a refund?

    • what form did you fill out,this is the typical way to get a refund as Taobao can protect you if there is any issue.
      if you fill out this refund request,when the seller gets the item,he will release the refund to you.I am not sure about the way you use.

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