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4 Ways to Pay on Taobao

Updated on August 5, 2019

To succeed in taobao shopping as a foreigner,you need three things: choose the right item and seller, payment, and shipping.

I have already shared tips about choose right product and seller,shippping.In this post,I will explain the payment method taobao support and some tips about payment.

Two questions about alipay

First,here are two common questions:

Q1. Can I use paypal on taobao?

Unfortunately, you cannot.On Taobao or any websites owned by Alibaba group, PayPal is not a payment option as it is a direct competitor with AliPay.

Q2. Can I use alipay balance to pay for my taobao orders?

No, you cann’t unless you have a verified alipay account.but it is very hard to verify it because it requires a bank card issued by banks located mainland China,so unless you work,study or travel in mainland China,you cann’t open a bank account like that.

Four Payment methods Taobao support

credit card

Taobao accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard,JCB.

and the service fee is 3% of  transaction amount.

Sellers with credit card payment gateway :per transaction limit: 10000 CNY,per day limit: 10000 CNY

Sellers without credit card payment gateway :per transaction limit: 6000 CNY,per day limit:6000 CNY

Note: If you don’t want your credit card info to be saved on taobao,you can also use pre-paid gift cards or virtual credit card.

Malaysia eBanking

if you are from Malaysia or have Malaysia bank account,you can use this payment method,its service fee is low,which is only 1.5%.

Linked China bank account

as I said,if you are in China right now,you can open a Chinese bank accout,get it linked to alipay as a payment method,the best part is no service fee for every transaction.

another thing is once you have a Chinse bank account,you can open a Taobao store there and selling to China domestic market.

Alipay gift card (支付宝购物卡)

Alipay gift cards are another possible payment method with the Taobao,but it is only available to some countries like Australia or Singapore.

and the limit is per transaction limit: 4500 CNY,per day limit: 5000 CNY

Pay on your behalf

Taobao allows you to ask someone else to pay for your taobao orders,you just need to input that person’s alipay account,taobao will send message to him/her.

Step 1.

on the payment page,find the keywords “找人代付”,click it.

step 2.

now you can type in your friends alipay account ,notes,and the verifacation code.then click”请他付款”.

your friend will receive a notifaction to pay for your order.

The steps to use credit card on taobao

Step 1.

After entering the payment page, input the card number, and then click Next

Step 2.

Card information page where you need to input the relevant information, and then click on Confirm the Payment(确认付款).

Step 3.

if you have activated the 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) feature,then you need to input the personal security code to authenticate the transaction.

if not,you can skip this step and will be led to the payment result page.

Let me know what payments you are using in the comments!

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80 thoughts on “4 Ways to Pay on Taobao”

  1. it says “13:00:43 [China] Taobao order number 114715085278266168 has been stored, please log in Taobao account to pay the international transfer fee, such as logistics information is not updated for a long time, it is recommended to consult the courier company.” how do i pay the international transfer fee? I’ve clicked just about everything and have got no idea, and help would be appreciated

  2. Hi there. I went to pay by credit card, but it said that because my AliPay account indentity is not verified, I can’t pay. I did not at any point use alipay in this transaction. How can I get past this?

  3. I have international card and I paid with it a lot of items suddenly it stops to pay and a massage appears and tell me that I have to certify my information on alipay .why I have to use alipay if I use international card as when I try to add my card on alipay a message appears to tell me that alipay not support that kind of cards
    So do you think that message appears because I paid my limit of buying items from taobao ?

  4. Hi Eric

    Is credit card payment safe for taobao? I’m worried so that I was thinking top up alipay account. Do you know how do I do about it on the procedure for alipay top up at axz?


  5. Hi. Im michelle. I’m having a problem which i already paid for all the items and my taobao status stated that “waiting for buyers to pay”. Then I check back my banking status amd theres a decresement of the amount i should pay including the receipt. I even try to ask the shop dealer and they say i haven’t pay it yet. 2 days has already passed and it still remain the same

  6. Hi Eric,
    I am a little bit confused and was hoping you could help.
    Do I enter my international credit card information after I try to purchase something?
    Or do I enter it into my account before (because I cannot find it in settings)?

  7. Hey ya, does anyone know how much the bank usually charge for additional processing fee if I choose to pay using Debit MasterCard? I read somewhere that the Alipay’s service fee is about 3%? My total cost of the items itself should be around 300 (according to that day’s conversion rate) but my bank charged me at 340! That is more than 10%?

  8. I recently used tao bao and paid with my credit card, and not ali pay, and now the item has arrived and received and i am happy with it, but it asked me to type in alipay password, so to let the seller know I have received the item. However, I don’t think I ever register any to begin with. What should I do ?

  9. Hi good day! Im trying to order to taobao. my colleague told me I can connect my debit card to alipay. my debit card is from china construction bank, is it possible to connect it to alipay? thanks!

  10. Hi Eric,

    On AliExpress, you can read in Help that only credit cards are supported, and Visa or MasterCard debit cards are not. But CS will confirm that Visa Debit cards are also supported and widely used for payments. Basically, when a buyer uses such card linked to his bank account to make a purchase, Alipay can use Visa or MasterCard international transaction processing system to charge payment, so it doesn’t need to be a member of any other cash transaction systems. Since Taobao payments are also processed by Alipay, they likely have the same processing options for international transactions. Can you contact Alipay CS to clarify?

  11. Do you know if a Visa or MasterCard debit card is accepted? I’m wary of using my actual credit card to make purchases, and I had planned on buying a visa/MasterCard gift or debit card.

      1. Hi,Liz,thanks for your feedback,I have just contacted the Taobao customer service,they are pretty sure only credit card is supported.so would you mind sharing more info about this?(I.e. your country,card type ect.)

        1. Hi Eric, affirmative on the above.

          I’ve been using a Mastercard Debit Card from my local bank in Singapore to pay for all of my purchases on Taobao.

          No issue whatsoever.

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