4 Ways to Pay on Taobao

To succeed in taobao shopping as a foreigner,you need three things: choose the right item and seller, payment, and shipping.

I have already shared tips about choose right product and seller,shippping.In this post,I will explain the payment method taobao support and some tips about payment.

Two questions about alipay

First,here are two common questions:

Q1. Can I use paypal on taobao?

Unfortunately, you cannot.

On Taobao or any websites owned by Alibaba group, PayPal is not a payment option as it is a direct competitor with AliPay.

Q2. Can I use alipay balance to pay for my taobao orders?

No, you cann’t unless you have a verified alipay account.

but it is very hard to verify it because it requires a bank card issued by China banks.

so unless you work,study or travel in mainland China,you cann’t open a bank account like that.

Here is a guide on how to open China bank accounts as a foreigner.

Four Payment methods Taobao support

credit card

Taobao accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard,JCB.

and the service fee is 3% of  transaction amount.

Sellers with credit card payment gateway :per transaction limit: 10000 RMB,per day limit: 10000 RMB

Sellers without credit card payment gateway :per transaction limit: 6000 RMB,per day limit:6000 RMB

Note: If you don’t want your credit card info to be saved on taobao,you can also use pre-paid gift cards or virtual credit card.

Malaysia eBanking

if you are from Malaysia or have Malaysia bank account,you can use this payment method,its service fee is low,which is only 1.5%.

Linked China bank account

as I said,if you are in China right now,you can open a Chinese bank accout,get it linked to alipay as a payment method,the best part is no service fee for every transaction.

another thing is once you have a Chinse bank account,you can open a Taobao store there and selling to China domestic market.

Alipay gift card (支付宝购物卡)

Alipay gift cards are another possible payment method with the Taobao,but it is only available to some countries like Australia or Singapore.

and the limit is per transaction limit: 4500 RMB,per day limit: 5000 RMB

Pay on your behalf

Taobao allows you to ask someone else to pay for your taobao orders,you just need to input that person’s alipay account,taobao will send message to him/her.

Step 1.

on the payment page,find the keywords “找人代付”,click it.

pay on your behalf

step 2.

now you can type in your friends alipay account ,notes,and the verifacation code.then click”请他付款”.

your friend will receive a notifaction to pay for your order.

pay on your behalf2

The steps to use credit card on taobao

Step 1.

After entering the payment page, input the card number, and then click Next


Step 2.

Card information page where you need to input the relevant information, and then click on Confirm the Payment(确认付款).

relevant information

Step 3.

if you have activated the 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) feature,then you need to input the personal security code to authenticate the transaction.

if not,you can skip this step and will be led to the payment result page.


Let me know what payments you are using in the comments!

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198 thoughts on “4 Ways to Pay on Taobao”

  1. Hi! I just pre-ordered something on taobao, so I only paid the downpayment as required. May I ask how the balance of it will be paid? Will it be upon release, Sep 2021? Or I can request to pay it much earlier than release date of the product? Will I be rdcdiving notification regarding the balance?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Eric, i’ve already linked my TB account to Alipay and made successful transactions from the TB website.

    Today, I tried to order on the mobile app but it does not seem to auto link to Alipay. Instead, after entering my credit card details, there will be an error message stating that payment has failed. Translated: “Unfortunately, the payment failed due to security reasons, your transaction cannot continue”. I’ve tried different credit cards at different times of the day, but no use. There is an option for Alipay (Mainland version), but it is greyed out.

  3. Hi Eric
    I do shopping from Taobao by credit card, But all the payment record I can see in my Alipay transaction history, So I want to know that my phone number which is registered on my Alipay will be shown on my credit card statement?

  4. Hi, could you please help me on this:
    I clicked on “Buy now” button on taobao product page, the web redirect to alipay and it asked me to set a “payment password” consists of 6 digits.
    After that it redirect to a page that require to input that password above, but after I entered the password, nothing happens, I can’t pay for my order.
    Here is the screen shot: https://2.pik.vn/202020ec7bf8-8301-41db-bdc1-78dc6d4a2ebe.png
    Could you please tell me what happened and what should I do?

  5. Hi Eric,

    I was charged 0.30 USD on taobao after keying in the MM/YY in the credit card details in TB app. Just wondering if this is a verification charge that will be reversed, or is it a permanent charge? Thanks!

  6. Hi Eric,

    May I know if i choose 找人代付 as payment option, will the person who help me to make payment know what are the items i’m buying from taobao or will he see the payment amount only?



    1. This person will only see the title of the product, but he can’t see the product link and product specific information.

      Of course, if he wants to know, he can easily use this title to search for this product on Taobao.

  7. Hi, I signed up for a Taobao account, but account is immediately locked. They asked me to do some verification, which I did, except for face verification, because that’s not an option in the app. I am at a loss

  8. Taobao keeps rejecting my payment with DBS visa debit card and alipay doesn’t accept it too. DBS says its not them and there wasn’t even a transaction record so it wasnt rejected by the bank taobao just didnt send a payment request. a friend could pay with her card(same card as me) on my acc. What went wrong? Im using the mobile app so there’s no “pay for friend” option either. I cannot even save a card to my acc.

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