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How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller?

return taobao sellerI have received many emails from my readers, saying that their purchased items have been rejected by the warehouse, and that they wanted to return the items to the sellers. This article aims to guide you how to return the goods from the warehouse to the sellers.

Shipping rate for Return

中通ZTO 12 6
Zhongshan courier 10 4
4px 12 4
递壹时DEX 12 12
增利 10 8
Prouter 12 7
乐趣购 12 6
顺丰 22 12
JCEX Jiacheng International 12 6

Step One: Get the return address

It is recommended that you go to “Purchased Items(已买到的宝贝)” to find the relevant order, and apply “Refund/Return(退款/退货)” / “After-sales application(申请售后).” Click here to see more details.

After the seller has agreed on your application for return or refund,they will provide a return address on the refund application,this address will be used for the following steps.

I do recommend you to aliwangwang with the seller before you submmit the application to smooth the process.

Step Two: fill in the refund/return form

Go to “My Taobao” – “Purchased Items” – click “Taobao Consolidated Shipping(官方集运)” on the left, find your order, and click the “Return to Seller(退回卖家)” button to return the goods.

Here is the step by step guide with pictures:

1. On the consolidation order page, click “Orders to be consolidated(待集运订单)” to find your forwarder. Find the order that you wish to return, click “Return to Seller(退回卖家)”.

2. Find the seller’s address from the refund application, fill out the form, and pay for the shipping fee will do.

3. After your forwarder has sent out the goods, you may check the waybill number from your order details (you can also enquire for the waybill number from Alipay’s online customer service).

Copy the waybill number and paste it to the refund/return form, as illustrated below:

After filling out the form, click “Submit information” and that’s all. You will receive your refund after the seller has received the goods!

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Hi Eric, i bought few item and 1 of the item warehouse wrongly calculate the shipping fees when i made the order payment. item arrive at warehouse and contact me that the item was oversize and they gave me option either ship by sea plus add some fees or return to seller. I agreed to return to seller and seller also agreed accepted my return. At the page when we paid for the return only show yuan12, but now seller asking me to pay him yuan120 for shipping fees.

So how i need to go about??


Hello Eric, my seller agreed to return and refund on the products that i bought. The list of courier service that she provided is not available in Malaysia. How do i ship the item back to them for the refund ?


Hi Eric,

Thanks the great article. I wonder if you can give me some guidance on the following scenario:

I purchased 5 items to be grouped and shipped overseas. However, 1 of 5 items was rejected by the warehouse for shipping due to transport policies. Return shipping for the item is more costly than the item itself. I would like the warehouse to trash the item instead of returning it. Is this possible?

In addition, will this process disrupt the original shipping process. I don’t want the other 4 items to be delayed.

Thank you very much in advance.

New Tabao User


Hi Eric,

If we paid via eNets, would the refund be automatically credited back into our bank accounts? Or would it be credited to Alipay.

Thank you.