How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller?

You have a problem with your taobao order and you want to return it,right? I know that return and refund on taobao can be a terrifying thing specially when you cann’t read Chinese. Guess what – you are not alone.

Having helped many foreigners return and refund on taobao,I have decided to create a comprehensive guide on how to so this.

Note: you should also read another post together with this post to fully understand and implement the whole process.

The process is easy to follow even you dont know a single word of Chinese.

two situations explained

Situation 1

Someteims warehouse directly refused to sign for your parcel.then courier will automatically send parcels back to seller.

In this situation,you dont have to return items to seller,you can just choose and fill out the “refund only” form.

At the same time,you have to contact the seller to tell them your orders was rejected and sent back and they will receive it soon.

Note: you will usually see keywords like “拒绝签收”,”拒签” “已退回快递公司”in the order details page if warehouse directly declined to sign for your parcel.

this usually happens when the warehouse see a major issue on the parcel like too long,too heavy or brand logo on the parcel ect..

Situation 2

but most of the time,they will sign for it firstly,later they will check your parcel.when they find a problem,they will refuse to let it enter the warehouse system.

Note: you will usually see keywords like “abnormal”,”contraband”,”包裹异常”,”无法正常入库”,”违禁品” in the order details page if this happens.

without entering the warehouse,your parcel will not be registered in their system online and you are unable to pay for shipping fee for it.

Now you need to choose to abandon it or manually return it yourself to get a refund.

Four steps for taobao return and refund for Situation 2

Step 1. tell seller you want to return the items

#1 go to the return page


#2 choose “return and refund”


#3 fill out return request form

you need to choose the correct reason and leave a notes to seller or seller may refuse your request.

it is better to tell seller your real problem in English.more informaiton about this form,read this post.


#4 get the return address

once seller approved your request,the progress bar will go to step 3,and you will be shown the return address.

copy and save this address somewhere as we need this address to fill out another form.


we also need to fill out logistic company name and waybill number for return on this page,but not now.

as we still need to do another thing,which is to ask the warehouse to send back orders to this return address.

Step 2. tell the warehouse to ship items back to seller

Ater seller agreed with your refund request and give you the return address,you can ask the warehouse to ship back the items now.

Note: you only return items after seller approved your refund request.if not approved,you will not get your money back.

#1 click return to seller


#2 Fill out Return to seller form

you will see a form like below,fill out this form using the return address seller provided above.

if this form is too hard for you,you can take a screenshot to seller via aliwangwang.most sellers will help you fill out this form.

Note: we dont use zipcode too much in China,if you dont know the correct zipcode,use “000000” instead.


once you fill out the form correctly and pay for the domecit shipping fee,warehouse will send back your parcels within 1-2 days.

Step 3. give seller the tracking information for this return

#1 get the tracking number for return

after 1-2 days,we need to clik “return to seller(退回卖家)”again to find out the logistic information.


#2 complete the “Fill in the return logistics information” form

remember the page where we get the return address? we go back again to fill out the logistic company name and the waybill number.then click the orange button to submit the form.


Step 4. seller receive the items and release the refund

Now,we just need to wait 3-5 days until seller receive the return items and release the refund.

normally,money will back to your bank card within 7 working days.


you can leave a comments below if you still have any questions.

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179 thoughts on “How to Return the Goods from Warehouse to Taobao Seller?”

  1. Hi, recently i have bought a vase from taobao. According to the seller, the item was rejected by the warehouse due to the big size. Any idea that i can ship it to malaysia? ): the item is now at 东莞沙田百世物流站点. Please help

  2. Hi Eric my seller has received the returned goods…. repacked it due to 4px rejected bcos of weird shape box. They have since repack and resend out to 4px.

    4px has received the newly packed goods but so far they have not contacted me to make payment for the freight. How do I go about from here?

  3. Hi Eric, I successfully started a refund and got a return address from the seller. Paid for the return shipping to the seller from the warehouse. However, when I go back to the return detail, it still saying “Please return and fill in the logistics information 5 days 21:21 left” Where do I get information to complete the logistic form?

  4. Hi! in my case the seller keeps rejecting my refund! i did not know the second shipping would be so much to the U.S.A, and i do not want to pay 80 yuan for an original 20 yuan purchase, so i want to return the goods from warehouse to the seller but also get a refund. How to do so?

  5. I followed the instructions but since there were two different orders I was returning from the warehouse, I accidentally put in the wrong returning address for one of the items. How do I fix this? I don’t know how to contact any customer service or warehouse since they are all Chinese

  6. hi eric, my item got rejected by warehouse because it is too big.

    i have contacted the seller and she said do not need to click the refund button until the item is arrived back at the seller.

    is it ok?

  7. Hi Eric, I would like to check how do I get refund from seller if my alipay doesn’t recognise my credit card even thought the seller has refund there. My credit card that I used to pay for items and shipping isn’t recognised to accept the refund. What other options do I have if I do not have a China issued credit card or bank?

  8. Hi Erik,

    Are goods being returned to seller directly if rejected by warehouse? or sit in the warehouse until buyer further action? I got a message 包裹含禁运品拒签并已退回快递公司,请联系卖家处理 and it seems that the item that i ordered was rejected by warehouse and returned to logistic company.

    Should i go for “refund” or “refund/ return” option? FYI i don’t have the “Return to Seller(退回卖家)” option in taobao consolidated shipping page, and i got stuck here don’t know what to do.

    Or should i inform the seller to let them deal with the logistic company to retrieve the item? Do i have to pay for the logistic in this case?

  9. What happens if I leave the goods at the warehouse, without shipping it to my address or shipping back to seller because the seller does not want to give his return seller information?

  10. Hello, thank you so much for this helpful site! I tried purchasing 11 things from 1 seller, and the package was rejected by the warehouse for contraband. So I managed to request a refund for all the items, and the seller approved. Now I’m trying to fill out the refund application/return form and at step 2 I keep getting the Submit Order Failed error. I THINK I’m filling it out correctly…
    This is the return address I have: 抱熊氏, 17719055255, 河南省三门峡市湖滨区 虢国路植物园南门(请尽量使用韵达快递,不收到付件), 472000
    So I’m using 抱熊氏 as the name, then on the 2nd row I am selecting 河南省, 三门峡市, and 湖滨区
    Then for the rest of the address on line 4 I pasted in 虢国路植物园南门
    And I’m using 472000 as the zip code.
    For the phone number, I see this listed on one of the refund approvals: 联系电话:
    13683825455 <– I think that is a cell number? I put that in for the phone number on line 5. But line 6 has 3 fields to fill in and looks like it's also asking for a phone number, and I can't find anything to put in there?
    Any help would be appreciated!

  11. Dear Sir,
    Please help me to get my order from taobao Taobao direct order number: 50436060756422919. There were 3 items: Authentic Oxford University Multifunctional Pencil Box Primary School Stationery Box for Men and Girls Pencil Box Korean Creative Stationery, blue color, and Authentic Oxford University Multifunctional Pencil Box Primary School Stationery Box for Men and Girls Pencil Box Korean Creative Stationery, red and Counter genuine Oxford child protection ridge burdens primary school students men and women bag 1 – 3 grade school bag comes with pencil case 089 .

    Seller information
    Nickname: sugar bag of luggage shop Real name: Xin Shengai City: Beijing Beijing
    Tel: 0536-8302598

    order information
    Order number: 50436060752422919 Alipay transaction number: 2017082321001001630502975545 Created: 2017-08-23 19:31:10 delivery time: 2017-08-24 16:33:52 Payment time: 2017-08-23 20:05:53 deal Time: 2017-09-18 16:59:55

    The total amount of orders : 223.00 yuan

    Pleaae help me to get my order or to refund.

  12. Hi, I have contacted zhongshan many many times about a package that they weighed at 8.560kg when the true weight is only 260g and is very very small in volume. They said they notified the team for weight verification but its been 3 weeks now and this is what they keep replying to me on the chat which I don’t understand the meaning of.
    广东中山速递:小苹果 2017-7-9 22:26:36

    yanphuc 2017-7-9 14:20:51


    They said they notified the warehouse but still nothing what do I have to do???

    广东中山速递:小苹果 2017-7-1 22:27:34
    719834987672 此订单已经通知仓库核实重量

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