How to Request a Refund on Taobao

Do you ever want to request a refund from taobao when you find somthing wrong? It is not easy as the pages are all in Chinse and you have no idea where to start,right?

In this step by step guide, I will show you how to properly request a refund from taobao. If you have purchased a wrong item or no longer wish to have it, you may request for a refund through the following details.

The two types of Refund from Taobao

Depending on the time of shipment and the conditions in which the items are received, You may request for a refund anytime before or after a transaction is made.

Return and refund

if you received the item or items are in the warehouse now and there are items need to be returned to the seller,you have to use this type of refund.

Refund only

if seller does not ship out the items yet,and no item is to be returned to the seller,you can use this type.

You can not use this type when your items already received by your warehouse.

Type #1 Refund from “Return/Refund(退款/退货)”

If this option is available, it means that the seller has not received the fund.

The status of the order is “payment has been made” and “items have been shipped.” You may immediately request for a refund.

Step 1. Find the item

Find the item that you want to return, click: Refund/Return(退款/退货)


Step 2. Select the style of refund:

Now you need to choose style of the refund


Return and refund(退货退款)

You click this option when there is a problem with the items, or if you no longer want the items and have reached a deal with the seller for a return.

Return procedures:

  • 1. Request for a return.
  • 2. The seller sends a return address to the buyer.
  • 3. The buyer returns the items and fills out the details of the shipment.
  • 4. The seller receives the items, refund completed successfully.

you will be provided a return address to received the return.if you are unable to return and provide the tracking number,you will not be given the refund.

Refund only(仅退款)

If you have not received the items, or if you have received the items but have reached a deal with the seller for a refund without returning the items, select the “Refund only” option.

Return procedures:

  • 1. Request for a refund.
  • 2. The seller accepts your application.
  • 3. Refund completed successfully.

Step 3. Fill out the refund from

Depend on what refund type you click,you will be taken to two different refund form:

Form 1: Form for Return and refund

if you click Return and refund(退货退款),you will see a form like below:


Two fields are required(* means required): Reason for return/refund(退货退款原因) and refund amount(退款金额).

Field 1: Reasons for refund

you should choose the real reason for refund,I listed the English version so you can choose it correctly.

  1. The seller sent the wrong item(卖家发错货).
  2. Faulty parts(配件故障).
  3. Malfunctions(性能故障).
  4. Scratched or broken upon arrival(收到商品时有划痕或破损).
  5. Pirated items(假冒品牌).
  6. Screen display problems(屏幕故障).
  7. Product not-as-described(版本不符).
  8. Missing functions(功能缺失).
  9. Not satisfied/dislike(效果不好/不喜欢).
  10. Others(其它).
Field 2: Refund amount

You can use the default refund amount unless you have a deal with the seller.

After filling out the form, just click “Submit application(提交申请)”.

Form 2: The Form for Refund only(仅退款)

If you click refund only,you will see this form:


Field 1

Have you received the items(是否收到货): not received(未收到货) or already received(已收到货).

Field 2

If you select “not received”, the reasons for refund(仅退款原因) include:

  1. Empty parcel / incomplete空包裹/少货.
  2. Haven’t received any delivery(快递一直未送到).
  3. Ordered too much / wrongly ordered / no longer want it(多拍/拍错/不想要).
  4. items were not shipped on time(未按约定时间发货).
  5. No tracking record of the shipment(快递无跟踪记录).
  6. Others(其它).
Field 3

If you select “already received”, the reasons for refund include:

  1. The seller sent the wrong item(卖家发错货).
  2. Faulty parts(配件故障).
  3. Malfunctions(性能故障).
  4. Scratched or broken upon arrival(收到商品时有划痕或破损).
  5. Pirated items(假冒品牌).
  6. Screen display problems(屏幕故障).
  7. Product not-as-described(版本不符).
  8. Missing functions(功能缺失).
  9. Not satisfied/dislike(效果不好/不喜欢).
  10. Others(其它).

Type #2 Refund from “After-sales application(申请售后)”

This works If The seller has received your payment and the order status shows “completed successfully”:

Within 15 days of a successful transaction, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the items you received, you may request for a refund or return via the “After-sales application.”

Step 1:

Login to: “My Taobao” – “Purchased items”, find the relevant order and click “After-sales applications(申请售后)”:


Step 2:

Choose your desired style of application:

  • Return & Refund (退货退款)
  • Refund only (仅退款)
  • Exchange(换货)
  • Repair(维修)


Step 3:

after you choose the style,you will see a refund form for that style,you have to fill out the form and submit to complete the request process.

The form for Refund only

the form content is similar to the one I mentiond above,so I will only taking “Refund only” as an example:

After selecting “Refund only”, you’ll need to check whether “You have received the items” and fill out the relevant information as instructed (the same as Part1).

After that, click “Submit application.”


Note: You can only claim a refund via “After-sales applications” within 15 days from the time payment has been released to the seller.After 15 days, you will need deal with the seller via aliwangwang.

Check the refund status

you may enter “My Taobao >> Manage Refund(退款管理)” and find the refund amount at “My refund applications”.

Click “check” to enter the refund details page, where you can check the time reminder.


If the seller does not respond to your request within 5 days, the system will automatically approve your application by default.

If you have selected to “return and refund”, then you will need to return the items.

Whereas if there is no returning of items needed, you will receive the amount of refund as stated in your application.


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  1. Hi Eric,
    How do I ship back an item from the warehouse?
    Am i supposed to choose a courrier to send back the item, also i don’t see the address i needed to fill up..
    物流单号: *

    联系电话: *


  2. Hi Eric,

    My credit card was stolen and used to purchase something at who can I speak to at taobao (in English) to get a refund for this purchase?

  3. Hi Eric, I bought a coffee table from Taobao at a price of RMB 2441 after discount it was rejected at the warehouse without reason.I asked seller to make a refund he refused and demanded 10% of the cost of the table compensate for the freight transport than only she will do a refund. After negotiation I willing to give them the 10% freight money later she sent me her Alipay account number ask to pay them the freight money but my RMB 2441 is still with them why she ask me to pay instead of deducting from the amount she has to refund to me.
    2 days later I contacted her again for the refund she said she did not receive the freight yet is been over more than 10 days already and warehouse said they already send the goods back to the shop.Please advice Thank you.

  4. How can i get a get refund on something that I did not buy and they took my off my card. I don’t have an account with ya’ll? If I don’t get my refund I will take ya’ll to court.

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  6. Hi Eric!
    I tried to request for a refund for my parcel which was damaged. The seller says it was caused by shipper.
    They offered to send me replacement parts which I supposed I need to pay for shipping , or a partial refund.
    Is it possible to get the shipper to bear some cost?

  7. I am ordering a product that will take about 180-200 days to make. If they fail to deliver after all that time, could I still get a refund? Or does Taobao have a cutoff date like PayPal (PayPal is 180 days)?

  8. ive made payment via online banking for more than a week (13 days) but the products have not been shipped by the seller, so i’ve requested for refund. Will the money go directly to my banking account?
    i think the duration for seller’s respond has changed to 48 hours instead of 5 days. Correct me if im wrong. thanks.

  9. Hi Eric, I requested a refund from Taobao and the seller has already accepted. They said will refund withon 48 hours. And it’s now almost 2 days, I haven’t got my refund back 🙁 what should I do? Please help. Thank you so much.

  10. Hi Eric, I asked for refund on items the seller took time to send, All my refunds were successful but I recently changed credit cards due to the one I used to purchase those items was canceled by my bank , will my refund go the new credit card or the old one… ?

  11. I ask a refund from Taobao, will direct go to my bank account? Last year I requested refund, refund success and money went to Revenue Harvest Sdn Bhd, which is not my account. Until now haven’t received my money yet.

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